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Day by Day - the Struggle is Real

I received a text from a friend that read “Happy Hump Day!”  My reply was “thanks, but all my days are the same.”  Most of my days consist of keeping 2 children alive.  I swear my son almost dies at least 5 times a day because he puts small objects in his mouth, smiles then takes off running and laughing.  I imagine every horrific scenario that could possibly happen with objects, wild animals, cars, baths, birds, snakes, corners, blankets, furniture, dish soap and popcorn.  When I lived in Tampa Bay, I would drive over the bridges and imagine all the ways trouble would find me.  Perhaps aliens were attacking from above, or a crash sends someone over the side of the bridge, plummeting into the water.  Whatever the problem, I knew I would grab my trusty seat belt cutter/glass breaker, jump over the side and rescue all who were in trouble.  I was the heroine.  I should make myself a cape.  A hot pink cape.

With the creative imagination I was blessed with, nothing could have prepared me for the scenarios I have faced as a mother.  My husband and I can laugh at a few of them, like when we were thankful the babysitter was late.  If she had come 5 minutes earlier, we would have all been naked, wet and crying.  Seriously…all of us.  Oh, and who doesn’t love the feeling of warm congealed milk being spit down the INSIDE of your clothes?  I am sure none of you have found yourselves in the fetal position on the bathroom or kitchen floor crying, right? 
My daughter is almost 4 and my son is 2.  We are out of the infant stage (thank you Jesus!), which has been the hardest so far (stay tuned).  While my days contain a lot of the same, they are full of laughter, shock, awe and wonder at the growing minds and bodies of these little humans I get to hang out with.  I know each stage will have its own challenges.  I also know that while I have already faced so many new challenges being a mother, my strength will build on what I have learned.  I have great family, friends and a fabulous faith community that I will continue to learn from, ask questions to and most importantly, not be alone in. 
I know difficulties will come– perhaps of the worst sort - but I will not face them by myself.  Our experiences are our own, yet when we share our struggles, we invite insight and wisdom from those around us to speak life and support into our world.  The next time I feel like lying down on the bathroom floor to cry, I am hoping I will pick up my hot pink cape, wipe my tears away, get up and let someone in.  After all – that is all any of us can do, day by day.


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