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A Healthy Home For The Health Of Your Kids

Having a healthy, safe environment for our children to grow up in is something that is essential to their development and wellbeing. But how can we know that your home is those things? Well, by making sure that we are always choosing the healthiest options in your home. Read on to find out more.

Taps and pipes

One thing to get under control is any potential physical dangers in the home. Unfortunately, these are common and varied so it can help to develop an eye for safety. In particular, look out for taps and pipes that get very hot.

If you have any of these in your home, they can pose a danger to younger children. This is because they won't necessarily understand that they will get to a high temperature, and so will not be inhibited from touching them.

To deal with this it helps to lag any exposed pipes to insulate them. It's also helpful to always supervise the kids when they are using the warm water, testing it first, and warning them repeatedly if it gets hot quickly.

Slips Trips and Falls

Something else mommies with an eye for safety will be looking out for are slip, trip, and fall hazards. These tend to be areas of the home that are more difficult to navigate, such as stone steps that get slippery when wet. It could be rugs that slide along with feet, instead of staying put or high places that are unprotected.

To deal with these, always remove the hazard if at all possible. If not take precaution to secure it, so it becomes less of a hazard risk.

For instance, you may put a barrier in front of a long flight of steps to ensure the children are not at risk of falling down it.

Pure water

Health conscious mommas will also want to examine the water situation in the home. We are lucky enough to have plumbed in water in most properties now in this country. But just because it comes straight to your home, doesn't mean it's as pure as it could be.

There can be all sort of things in the water supply like iron, copper, and bacteria. Things that could stop you and your family enjoying it, or even pose a risk to their health.

To deal with this consider using a Pentek water filter or similar product. As they can be used to reduce the amount of impure particles in your water supply. Making it cleaner and more pure for the whole family to enjoy.

Pure air

Of course, if you are concerned about the purity of the water you, will also be concerned about the purity of the air that your family is breathing as well.

For one, it's important that you have a CO2 detector installed. As this is gas is odorless, can be extremely dangerous to health!

You can also ensure the purity of the air at home by using an air filtration system.  These suck in air and use filters to remove tiny contaminants like pet hair, and dust mites. Then pure the air is expelled back into the room for your family to breathe.

One way to keep the air in your home clean is by using a HEPA Vacuum cleaner. If your family has anyone who suffers from chronic allergies or asthma, a HEPA vacuum really is the best choice. Using a vacuum that has a HEPA or ULPA filter may help reduce allergens. Most HEPA filters are disposable and must be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Find the right vacuum by checking out the best stick vacuum with a cord. Using a HEPA Vacuum cleaner is just one more step toward a cleaner, healthier environment for your family to live in and enjoy. 

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