Thursday, June 29, 2017

4 Ingredients- 3 Super Easy Cocktails

I love relaxing with a tasty cocktail in the summer! If I'm making them for Ray and I at home; I don't want to make a huge mess, or complete 100 steps! I'll leave that to the pros. Today I'll show you how to make 3 delicious drinks, each only using 2 out of 4 versatile ingredients: cucumber vodka, bloody Mary mix, beer, and cucumber/ lime Gatorade. 


There's many variations on this classic beer cocktail, to simplify it, poor a lager into a tall glass over ice and finish it with a heavy splash of bloody Mary mix.

Cucumber bloody Mary

For a refreshing twist, try making your bloody Mary with cucumber vodka! I love to throw garnishes in with mine, the pickled okra I used in this one kept sinking. 

Cucumber Lime Cooler

This is our personal favorite at the moment! Pour about a shot of cucumber vodka and Limon Pepino flavored Gatorade over ice for an extremely refreshing summertime beverage.  


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