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Your Little One Can Dream Big with Princess Belle in a Personalized Book from Put Me In the Story!

Thank you to Put Me in the Story for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Do you have a favorite Disney Princess? I have a couple of favorites- Belle and Ariel. The Little Mermaid is probably my favorite Disney movie of all time, and Beauty and the Beast is a close second. Both of these memorable Disney movies came out when I was a little girl, so these princesses were the ones I looked up to, and longed to be like. Now that I have own little princess, I am having a lot of fun introducing her to the Disney Princesses. I am also discovering favorite princesses all over again, and learning about some of the ones who came about well after I became a young adult. What better way to discover these wonderful princesses than in a magical book, which puts your child directly into the story?

Calling all Beauty and the Beast fans...  Put Me In The Story, the #1 personalized books platform in the U.S., has created a brand new personalized book featuring Princess Belle and… YOU! It's so easy to personalize a special book for your child through Put Me In the Story. Their books are beautifully crafted, and have plenty of room for personalization.

I created a special book for Baby S, to celebrate her 1st birthday. What better gift to give a little princess than her very first personalized book, all about princesses? The online personalization and ordering process was a breeze. There were many helpful prompts to tell me where to insert special messages, my daughter's name, and even personal photos.

 This beautiful hardcover personalized book arrived just days after I placed the order for it.

The front cover features colorful pictures of Princesses Belle, Ariel, and Jasmine, plus a special message from 'mommy & daddy.' The title also features Baby S' name, which I love, and I know she will love as she grows older. Belle is featured on the book's title page with Chip & Mrs. Potts.

 Flip the page to find a personal message to Baby S , with a personal photo.

I love that I was able to include a very special message to Baby S in this book. 
Our message to her reads...

To Princess Sabine on your first birthday:
Our hope for you is that you will always dream big and never be afraid to follow your dreams.
You will always be our sweet princess, and we love you!
Mommy & Daddy

Meet Princess Mulan!

In Dream Big, Princess: Belle’s Special Edition, fans of bookish and fearless Princess Belle can learn all about all 11 Disney Princesses who teach by example that they are strong and capable of achieving whatever they dream of!

Throughout the book, your child will meet all of the Disney Princesses! Each one tells your child about the princess, her special skills, and what other qualities make her fit to be a princess. Beyond that, it recognizes the wonderful skills and qualities that each of these girls posses. Every princess page ends by asking your child a question: 'What activity makes you feel like a confident warrior, Princess Sabine?'

The book is very interactive, encouraging your child to answer questions, journal, and delight in discovering that they are just like their princess role models.

Princess Belle loves to read, and encourages your princess to share her favorite books!

Several of the book's pages have areas where your child can write in the book, creating a wonderful keepsake! I have a feeling that we're going to have a lot of fun filling in all of these spaces in a couple of years, as Baby S discovers even more likes and loves.

The last page is so beautiful- it's a sweet reminder to your princess to dream big and to be herself!

I added Baby S' 1st birthday photo to the last page of the book. It's a photo that I love and hope she will enjoy looking back on as she gets older. In the photo, she is wearing her own little crown, which is just so fitting for this book. 

Baby S loves to see her own photo in this beautiful and special book!

Baby S is still little, so she doesn't quite grasp the concept of the book just yet, but she does recognize her picture throughout, and it won't be long before she starts to be able to recognize her name.

The back cover- a beautiful picture of my beautiful princess!

This book is so special- certainly to me, and it will be to S as she grows up, too. We're excited to have our first Disney experience as a family this summer, and are looking forward to seeing these princesses in person. We'll be gearing up for our trip by reading this wonderful book again and again!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Put Me In the Story to create your own version of Dream Big, Princess: Belle's Special Edition ($34.99 Hardcover, $24.99 Paperback).  Connect with Put Me In the Story through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Special thanks to Put Me In the Story for allowing me to share about their wonderful new book release!

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