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Why You'll Have A Better Quality Of Life In A New Build

The market for new build homes is exploding right now. It’s partly thanks to growing populations in urban centers as well as the fact that people just don’t want to put up with the hassle of maintaining old buildings. New homes provide a standard of living that just isn’t available in older properties.

The reasons to buy a new home are many, but here are just a few to whet your appetite.

New Homes Prioritise Safety

If you’ve got kids, you’d never dream of buying an old car. Older cars are dangerous and prone to breaking down. But when it comes to houses, we’re not nearly as discerning.

The truth is that old houses can be dangerous too. A lack of lighting at night, faulty wiring, a higher risk of fire and higher mold levels are all potential safety hazards for you and your family. What’s more, older houses don’t come with many of the safety and security features that new builds have. Things like deadlocks, cameras, security systems, locks on windows and so on are rarer on old builds than on modern homes.

New Builds Are Cheaper To Run

Next time you see a new house for sale, don’t get freaked out by the price. Yes, they can be expensive. But older homes are often a lot more costly in the long run. Not only do you have to shoulder the cost of the mortgage, but you also have to pay for regular repairs and maintenance. It’s not unusual for a family to spend $10,000 a year on upkeep of an older house, thanks to things like roof repairs and installing insulation. Newer builds already come with all these mod-cons, meaning that you don’t have to worry. What’s more, they’re all fitted as standard, which is a lot cheaper than retrofitting.

New Builds Have Modern Lifestyles In Mind

Technology has changed a lot over the last 100 years, meaning that the way we live our lives is radically different to a century ago. However, if you live in an old house, you’ll be living in accommodation designed for people with lifestyles from a bygone era. Is that really what you want?

Modern builds know what people want from their homes today, no matter what their tastes or their budget. People today want a mixture of things, including open plan, plenty of space and new technology. There’s a perception out there among buyers, according to estate agent Andrew Loveday, that home builders haven’t done much to update the design of homes to suit modern living. But the reality is that they’ve done a lot to attract new buyers. Modern builds, he says, include aesthetics, better layout, and many modern facilities, like chilled wine drawers in the kitchen, that buyers believe they will have to install themselves.

You Can Build Your Own

Another significant benefit of new builds is the fact that you’re basically able to build your own. Most developers will offer a basic house design and then leave it up to the buyers to decide exactly what features they’d like, from the choice of materials to underfloor heating. Buyers are also able to specify the interior decor, including which wallpaper. When shopping for an old build, this level of customization is impossible. But with new builds, you can have a dream home, right off the bat. Everything is customizable, from the bathroom facilities to the kitchen cabinets.

You Don’t Have To Wait For Other People To Sell Their Houses

You might have found the perfect house for you, but somebody further up the chain of buying and selling might not. As a result, you could be waiting around for quite some time if you decide to buy a home on the regular market. New builds, however, are completely different. There’s no waiting for other people to sell their homes. Instead, you move straight in as soon as it’s built.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Repairs

One of the reasons moving house costs so much money is because of surveying costs. It’s expensive to hire somebody to investigate a property and find out whether it’s in a good state of repair or not. And even if you do hire someone to take a look at the house, there’s no guarantee that five or ten years down the line, you won’t be hit with a massive repair bill.

When it comes to new builds, it’s an entirely different situation. Many new homes actually come with a warranty, like goods from a manufacturer. If something goes wrong the with the house itself, it’s the responsibility of the builder to sort the problem out.

Your Bills Will Be Lower

Another significant benefit of moving into a new build is the fact that your bills will be lower. New builds often come with the latest water and heating technology to lower costs as much as possible. In addition, it’s rare for a new build not to be insulated or double glazed to keep the warmth in. Furthermore, many newly constructed homes also come complete with the things like solar water heating which can reduce the cost of heating up water by up to a half, depending on where you live.

New Home Developers Are Sensitive To Location

Home builders spend a lot of money getting planning permission and building houses. As a result, they’re keen to make sure that their homes are constructed in the best location possible, otherwise, there’s a risk that people won’t buy them. As a result, new builds are often in great locations, close to transport hubs but far enough out of town to avoid trouble spots. They’re also a great place to raise kids since they’re populated with other professional people, all of whom have their own children.

Sound Insulation Is Excellent

For some people, “modern” means cheap. As a result, they expect new builds to come with paper thin walls allowing you to hear exactly what’s being said in the next room. This, however, is a myth. Modern homes are built using sophisticated acoustic technology designed to block out sounds coming from other homes in the area.


  1. I love how open a lot of new homes are. they are definitely big advantages to buying new

    1. Yes- an open concept is so fabulous! Perfect for those who love to entertain!


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