#ThriftyThursday- Tips to Save On Your Wedding

We are about a month into "Wedding Season" and it seems like every other person on my friends list is either newly engaged, planning a wedding, or getting ready to attend a wedding for a loved one. In fact, MBP's own Bri S., is engaged and in the early stages of wedding planning herself!

 Even though Matt and I have been married for quite some time, I can still remember all of the excitement behind the scenes of planning for our wedding like it was just yesterday. I also remember working with a pretty modest budget and trying our absolute best to cut costs where we could. Back in 2002, there were no Pinterest boards, and any online articles relating to the subject of saving money on your wedding were few and far between.

We did our best to cut costs for our wedding- I wore my Mom's wedding dress, we made all of the bouquets using supplies from a local craft store, and we even made our own invitations! 

Nowadays, there is so much information readily available. I recently read a blog post from one of my favorite thrifty people, Missie, aka The Crazy Coupon Chick.  In her post, she shares some great tips for planning a wallet-friendly wedding including:

1.  Choosing the venue
2. Creating your wedding registries
3. Finding THE DRESS without breaking the bank
4. Saving on wedding vendors (photographers, djs, invitation crafters, etc)

It made me smile to read it, because some of her tips were things we did to save money on our wedding, but she shares so much great information, I wish the post was around 15 years ago!

Be sure to read Missie's post by clicking here or on her picture below!

Missie and Her Husband on Their Wedding Day- Photo by Don't Blink Studios

If you are planning your wedding and have some tips you'd like to share, be sure to leave a comment below. We love hearing from you!

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