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The Perfect DIY Wedding

Have you promised your kids that you are going to help with their wedding? That they are not to worry about a tight budget, as you are going to be there at every stage of the process to help them put together their dream wedding? It’s not easy helping our kids organize a wedding, and it’s even more difficult to do so when there is a small budget involved. It is possible, however, and here are some tips on the areas that you can help, all without compromising on that all important budget.

Marquee wedding

Save a stash of cash for your honeymoon by having a marquee wedding. Yup, one of the more costly items on a plush wedding is the venue so a customised marquee is the way to go. Plus, you can theme your wedding exactly as you want with lights and decorations. All you need now is your preferred venue to have the marquee set up. Good companies include Marquee Vision, a UK based company. 

Wedding Cake

Baking a wedding cake is actually not as intimidating as it might seem and can be done with a little careful planning and a steady hand. Think of the style of cake that best suits your child and his or her fiance and begin planning the design on the wedding cake to capture their relationship and their personalities. If you are no good at baking then watch a few online tutorials and get practicing or if all else fails, call in the services of a good friend with more highly tuned baking skills than you.

Once the cake is baked and decorated add the finishing touches with a personalized bobblehead figure of the bride and groom to add a really fantastic display to the top of the cake. Rather than just sticking any old figure on the top of the cake a personalised bobblehead figure will look just like the bride and groom meaning the cake is completely personal and unique.


Flowers can be a huge expense at a wedding, so this is another area where you can help and where you can save some serious money. Instead of contracting a florist why not do a little research on bridal floral arrangements in order to get some ideas on the types of style you think the bride and groom would most like and which would fit the best with the overall style of the wedding. From there, you’ll be able to start looking around your local area for places you can buy your preferred flowers and bouquet materials, and then you can do the arrangement yourself. Even better if you can use flowers from your own garden. Thinking ahead and having lots of time to plan in advance will allow you to begin organizing how you can take care of all the flowers for the church (or whatever building they are choosing to marry in), the bride, bridesmaids and all the centerpieces at the wedding reception.


Taking on the heavy deed of catering for your child's wedding could definitely be taking on a touch too much responsibility. However, there is nothing to say that you can’t help them to keep to a tight budget by helping with the arrival nibbles and canapes. Most weddings also require an evening buffet after the wedding breakfast, so this is another area that you may be able to help them cut back on with costs and see if you can’t contribute.

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