The DIY Way: Transforming Your Garden To A Place For All The Family

The garden is one of the most commonly under-appreciated parts of a property. But when utilized properly, it can be the area that truly makes a house a home for all the family. Better still, it’s one of the cheapest locations to upgrade and is also one where the DIY option is most accessible. 
First and foremost, your backyard areas should be safe for the whole family. CCTV and alarm systems are great additions for protecting assets. However, the most important thing is to ensure that all gates and fences are stable and restrict unwanted access. After all, nothing is more important than the health of your family. 

After safety, the possibilities will largely be determined by the specifics of your yard. The climate of your geographic location could influence several aspects while size is also a key consideration.   
Even if you have a small garden, creating space for the kids to play is vital. Clearing your yard of clutter may take a few hours, but the rewards are vast. The garden is the perfect place for small crafts and activities like this bubble snake. Better still, any damage caused in those external areas where cause far less impact than if they occurred inside. 

Once you’ve freed up the space in your yard, you may find that there is time for creating additional games. Installing a jungle gym will keep kids entertained for hours. Alternatively, you could take your DIY skills beyond simple assembly. This garden bowling alley is the perfect example and will entertain the whole family, especially at social gatherings. 
Some DIY enthusiasts have also been known to build swimming pools by using industrial containers and similar items. Whatever you do, thinking about the needs and desires of your family is the key to success. 
For most families, that will simply mean spending more time together. Growing fruit and vegetables is a fantastic way to achieve this goal. Moreover, you can grab this opportunity to teach the kids about healthy eating and cooking. If it saves you money on groceries, that’s a bonus.   

There’s no point in denying the need for financial value. Otherwise, you wouldn’t take the DIY option in the first place. Even when purchasing items directly, you should always seek the best possible price. These money saving Home Depot coupons can be particularly useful when kitting out the garden. Those additional funds can be used to much greater effect elsewhere. 
One of the most popular DIY tasks is to build a simple deck. Not only does this give parents a place to enjoy the garden while looking out for the kids. It can also add value to the property too. There are plenty of tutorials for completing this task online. The most important thing, though, is to use a suitable timber. Even if it means painting it later, you should never sacrifice the quality. After all, it’s easier to paint a few coats rather than replace the whole structure.   


  1. So many amazing ideas! That bowling alley was so cool.

  2. ...I just got an idea, while reading this post! Woo hoo, and thank you! :p

    (Before I forget in all my excitement, let me say "thanks!" for providing the link to Coupon Sherpa. I hadn't known of that site, and any kind of coupon or deal is welcomed!)

    Briefly: As you walk out to our backyard (away from the house), the ground naturally slopes down for a bit. It's not perfectly level at all. It sort of leads down to a relatively small hole or "pit" in the ground, where a pretty large tree had been removed several years ago. It gets downright dangerous! ...But my idea was-- and I think I'd been reading about and looking at the photo of deck-installation-- maybe we could fill it in partially, for safety... But then, build a fire pit! I'll run this by some other people, and see how the idea goes over. ...But in reality, it would probably be just me on this job-- or at least, getting everything started and set up!

    Thanks for the motivation... Here's hoping I can keep it up! :)

  3. Keen gardeners UN agency begin a family quickly discover that neat gardens and active kids don't usually combine. Since there's no purpose attempting to prevent the kids victimization the garden, or perpetually telling them to urge off this space and not bit that plant, a compromise is required whereby everybody will live jubilantly.


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