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Stay Hydrated & Keep Moving with BODYARMOR LYTE

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by BODYARMOR. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This summer, I am making big plans to be more active. I had a baby last spring, and it has been harder than I ever expected to 'bounce back' after baby. All of the components have been the same with my second baby as they were with my first, but this time around, I have been spending a lot more time breastfeeding, taking care of two kids and my husband, and have had much less time for myself. It's been a lot harder to lose weight this go around, too, and I have been so tired that I have been skipping workouts.

I just returned from a family beach vacation, and for the first time in many years, I didn't feel very comfortable in my own skin. I found myself reaching for my cover up more often than not, and just didn't feel like myself. I made a promise to start being more active- with my family, and on my own. I long to get back into my old routine of daily exercise, and healthy eating.

Since I am a breastfeeding mom, I have to really watch my hydration levels. I need to stay hydrated so that my body can work to provide for my toddler. Drinking enough water has always been hard for me- I sort of have to force myself to do it because I just don't like drinking water very much. Being active requires me to hydrate even more frequently than I would if I were just doing my regular old thing. BODYARMOR has just launched BODYARMOR LYTE, which is perfect for helping to keep me hydrated when I'm working out or on the go.

I have just made my new workout routine, and I go back and forth between cardio days, toning days, and I give myself a rest day every now and then. The cardio days are intense, and I sweat a lot when doing aerobic walking and weight training. I also take daily walks with my kids, and we all get pretty sweaty as we walk and run together.  Staying hydrated and replenishing electrolytes is a must- whether it's summertime or any other time of year. BODYARMOR LYTE is a premium sports drink, and provides max hydration, while still being light in calories (just 20 calories per serving). It offers delicious flavors like Peach Mango and Cherry Berry. This sports drink not only tastes great, it's packed with electrolytes, low in sodium, and contains coconut water and vitamins. 

BODYARMOR LYTE is the perfect drink for me to bring along on those walks, to enjoy after my workouts, or to bring along for those outdoor play dates. It's cool and refreshing, and helps me to feel great after I have enjoyed a time of activity. I have always found water to be bland and adding any additional powders or flavor drops just isn't in my best interest. I want to make smart, healthy choices, and enjoy a great tasting drink, which is why I choose to drink BODYARMOR LYTE. It's naturally sweetened, light on calories, and gives me ultimate hydration.

The BODYARMOR LYTE Difference...

There are a lot of reasons to love BODYARMOR LYTE. It just so happens to be a low sodium drink, which is perfect for me. I have been watching my sodium intake since my dad started having heart problems over ten years ago. The coconut water is healthy and refreshing- perfect for those hot summer days. With summer being upon us, it's not easy to battle those scorching hot temperatures. I choose to get my outdoor activity or walks in early. If the kids and I play outside, we also do the majority of outdoor playtime before lunch. 

I have a lot of summer trips coming up, including a camping/hiking trip. I plan on bringing plenty of BODYARMOR LYTE along for myself and for my husband. It'll be great to have those on hand after our hikes! I'll even be bringing some along on our trip to Disney World. We'll be doing a lot of walking and sweating on that trip, and I'll be relying on BODYARMOR LYTE to keep me hydrated.

You can find BODYARMOR LYTE at Publix and Kroger stores in the Atlanta area.
Be sure to check out BODYARMOR LYTE to learn more about the drink and its benefits.

How do you plan on staying hydrated this summer?

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