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Roll with the Tides in Fresh New Styles from Tidewater Sandals #MBPSSG17

Thank you to Tidewater Sandals for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

In my multi-role life, one thing is constant... I love fashion and crave comfort. A wife, mom, and everything that comes along with the fabulous lifestyle, I never know what the day will bring my way. My usual style consists of something I can move freely in. I have a toddler learning to walk, and a rough and tumble six-year-old boy. As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time on the floor. I'm also love getting 'dressed up' in a casual sort of way every now and then. When it comes to what types of shoes I wear, I go for sandals in the spring and summertime. My sandals have to be comfortable and versatile, though, which is why I choose to wear Tidewater Sandals.

I have had the pleasure of working with Tidewater in past years, and have absolutely loved every pair of sandals of theirs that I have tried. If you have never heard of Tidewater Sandals, you're in for a treat! Tidewater Sandals is based in Winston-Salem, NC, which just so happens to be about 45 mi. north of my hometown. Working with local companies is always a joy for me... I love working with my neighbors!

About Tidewater Sandals...

Tidewater Sandals has been making comfort stylish since 2002. In their early years, Tidewater Sandals were purchased on vacation, but their sandals were so comfortable their customers couldn’t take them off once they got home. Tidewater Sandals has expanded the brand from flip-flops to sandals and wedges. Tidewater Sandals can be found online and in specialty shops, boutiques, and beach shops across the country.

I am all set for my summer travels and adventures with some lovely sandals from Tidewater. I'll be introducing several styles to you over the next few weeks!

 Tidewater's Beach Club Slide Wedge in Yadkin Black

My new go-to sandal for this summer just so happens to be a wedge. The fact that I am wearing wedges is a big deal. I have always been afraid to wear wedges, because when wearing them in the past, I have twisted my ankles! I've been worried about tripping over clunky wedges and falling while carrying one of my babies. There's absolutely nothing for me to worry about when wearing these pretty wedges! The Yadkin Black Beach Club Slide Wedges are perfect for casual or dressier looks this summer! They're also super comfortable!

 Take a look at these stylish wedges- perfect for a casual look, or a dressier vibe.

There are a lot of reasons to love these fabulous wedges. First of all, they're beautiful. They can go either way as far as looking casual or dressy goes. The wedge is a reasonable height. I don't tower over anyone when wearing them, however, they give me the extra height I need when wearing maxi skirts and dresses so that I am not tripping over them. The wedge is cushioned and offers 2.75".

I was semi-anxious about wearing these beauties. but once I slipped them on and took those first few steps, I was in love with them. My feet felt like they were stepping on cool, cushioned pillows. My arches were supported, and my bad knee never once felt like it was hurting or was going to give out on me. The sandals stayed on my feet, and I could wear them without them slipping off the backs of my heels. These are basically your dream wedges, and are a must have summer sandal!

 These cute wedges by Tidewater Sandals take me everywhere- events, rehearsals, to run errands, etc.

I am so pleased to say that when I have worn these stunning wedges, I have been able to wear them all day long without complaint! I have paired them with dresses and skirts, and have even rocked them with capri jeggings and a tank, for a more casual look. Another reason why I love these wedges... I can wear them while babywearing! I can carry my 20+ lb 13-month-old daughter in a carrier, and wear these wedges! Now that's what I call versatile, folks!

My office is at home- but I still love to dress the part of a business woman. My Tidewater wedges help me look and feel confident!

I am heading to my first ever national bloggers conference this June. It's a big deal for me, as it's one of my 2017 business goals. I will be going to lots of workshops, meet and greets, and introducing myself to lots of brand reps as I network. I want to make a good first impression, and I want to be comfortable. I plan on wearing my Tidewater wedges at the conference. They'll be able to take me from workshops to the expo center, and carry me through cocktail parties and network opportunities. While at the conference, I'll also have a few days of downtime with my family. I can't wait to have fun exploring Orlando in my new Tidewater wedges.

Yadkin Black

Stylish and light, Tidewater's new Beach Club Slide Wedges feature an ultra-contoured, super-cushioned footbed with premium arch support.

Super cushioned natural footbed
Contoured edge
Premium arch support
Wedge height of 2.75"

It's easy to see why every gal ought to treat herself to a pair of these for summertime! Don't forget that Mother's Day is just days away! These wedges would make a fabulous gift for mom.

Take a look at some of the other new Tidewater styles for 2017...

Tallulah Pink
Tallulah Pink

Harbor Stars
Harbor Stars

Black Buoy
Black Buoy

Yadkin Natural
Yadkin Natural

Want them? Get them!

If you're looking for stylish, comfortable sandals to carry you through this summer, look no further! Tidewater has so many amazing styles to choose from! Head on over to Tidewater Sandals to browse their current styles, and be sure to connect with Tidewater on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Which Tidewater Sandals would you hope to win?

Special thanks to Tidewater Sandals for allowing me to share about their fabulous wedges! Look for Tidewater Sandals in our 2017 Spring Style Guide!

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