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Little Ones Make a Safe Splash this Summer with the SwimWays Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy

This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

My babies are water babies. From birth, they have both loved being in the water. My husband loves to swim, and would spend all day in the pool, if he could. I am a bit more cautious when it comes to swimming. I had a scary experience in a swimming pool when I was a small child, so I am always sort of nervous when my kids get into the pool. My husband helps to calm my nerves. I don't want my kids to know that I am anxious about them being in the pool, as I don't want my nervousness to cause them any anxiety,

My son began taking swimming lessons two years ago. Prior to that time, we didn't really have regular access to a pool. We are blessed to have generous friends who share their pool with us, and we also have access to the pool at the YMCA. We're ready to get Baby S use to the water, so she can start learning to swim at a young age.

 The SwimWays Baby Spring Float with Canopy is a great way for baby to safely get used to the water.

One of the ways we're helping Baby S to become acclimated in the pool, is by using the SwimWays Baby Spring Float with Canopy. She's already been in pools, just with her daddy holding onto her, and she does seem to enjoy that- but I always feel better when she is protected by a floatation device. 

The SwimWays Baby Spring Float with Canopy is fantastic, and we'll be using it all summer long. It was so easy to set up for use. It comes in a handy mesh carrying bag, so you can take it with you to the pool. It was a quick job for my hubby to fill it with air, and to snap on the attachable canopy.

 Baby S loves her new found sense of freedom in the pool, thanks to the SwimWays Baby Spring Float with Canopy.

When S saw the SwimWays float, floating along in the pool, she couldn't wait to get into it. We simply lifted her up, and placed her legs through the leg holes. She was safe and secure in the spring float. Once she was in place, we attached the other side of the canopy, to keep the shade in place. S absolutely loved being able to kick her feet under water. The float kept her from being able to splash herself or anyone else with the pool water.

There's a wide mesh area on the float, which is perfect for a little but of water play, and a great place for toys. S had a ball splashing in the bit of water that collected on this part of the float. The canopy is removable and adjustable- it can be placed in two different positions, which is fantastic. You know how much I love versatility! The canopy also offers UV 50+ protection. This is wonderful, because if you've ever tried to keep a hat on a baby or toddler in the pool, you know what a struggle that can be. S was nice and comfy in the float, and we really impresed by how stable it was in the pool. It's the best float we've ever used with our kiddos. Our friends actually have a collection of SwimWays floats, which have been around for over five years- that's how durable they are!

 The canopy over the spring float kept the harsh sun off of S.

I loved watching S having so much fun in the pool. She squealed with delight the entire time she was in her float. The spring float allowed us to keep her safe, not having to worry about her face being near the water at any time. It also gave her the freedom to kick her feet, and get a sense for what swimming is like. This will help her overcome any fears that she may have about swimming in the future. I can certainly relax better, knowing that my baby is safe in the pool. It's also more enjoyable for my husband, who is usually the baby holder in water. He can relax and have fun in the pool with the kids, without having to worry about a squirmy, wet baby possibly flipping out of his arms.

We want our kids to feel safe and secure in the water, which is why teaching them to swim at a young age is so important to us.

The SwimWays Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy is step 1 of a 3 step swim training program from SwimWays. I wish that we could have done this with our son, who is now 6 years old, and loves to swim. The Spring Float Sun Canopy is appropriate for use with babies ages 9-24 months, as they are introduced to the water. This helps them to feel comfortable as they learn to swim.

Check out the SwimWays Swim Steps Program...

National Learn to Swim Day is the 3rd Saturday in May, each year. This year, National Learn to Swim Day is May 20th. How will you take steps to help your child learn to swim? For us, those first steps are made possible by SwimWays, and their wonderful Spring Float Sun Canopy. SwimWays began National Learn to Swim Day in 2012, and they are committed to helping children learn to swim, and educating parents about the importance of water safety.  May is typically the month that pools begin to open across the country, which means that now is the perfect time to raise awarness about safe swimming, and learning to swim. 

We hope to be doing a lot of swimming this summer, and we'll be so glad to have SwimWays products by our side as we do so. 

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How will you enjoy fun in the sun & swimming this summer?

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