Healthy Kid = Happy Mommy #fitnessfriday

Aiden is very active and has been since Day 1.  He plays many sports and is always running and moving.  He has become very health conscious lately.

He takes lunch to school most days and wants protein, fruit and veggies with a water bottle instead of a juice pouch.  This makes me happy!  He has started exercising other than just his normal playing and moving.  He does pull ups a lot and is so proud that for the Presidential Fitness Test at school he did the most in his class.  He has amazing upper body strength for an 8 year old.  

School lunch ready to go

Lifting weights...16 lbs. 

I get to fill his muscles.... a lot!

Lifting weights while watching TV

He loves doing push ups.

He does pull ups every time he comes into the bathroom.

He is up to 12 at a time.  Much more than I could do. 

I am so happy that Aiden is taking such a positive interest in his health at such a young age.  Now, he still likes to watch TV and play video games, but he will turn those off in a second to go outside and do something active.  I sure hope that it continues!

Stay active and have a great Friday!

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