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Headed to North Myrtle Beach? Check out my favorite places to eat! #travel #dinnerout

Many of you know that I love to go to the beach.  I'm blessed that my parents have a beach house and we are able to go about any time that we want.  Ondria and I go to the same beach and she posted some of her favorite places a couple months ago and it was fun to see what we had in common.  So I decided to share my favorite places to eat at while at the beach.  We usually stay up in North Myrtle so that we can go everywhere on the golf cart, so everything I'm sharing with you guys is located there. These are our favorites and we usually go to most of them every time we are at the beach. 

Hoskins Restaurant.  They have a great breakfast and dinner menu.  Aiden loves all the fish on the walls and the big fish tank in the back full of beautiful fish.
Check out their Facebook page.

 Golden Griddle Pancake House.  This is my absolute favorite breakfast spot, but be ready to wait because it gets crowded.  Their french toast melts in your mouth! Aiden loves the hot chocolate with yummy cream on the top.
Here is their Facebook page.  Check them out.

The Shack!  The best!  I could literally eat every meal at this place!  It's good home cooking...probably not the healthiest:)  I always get the same thing.

 Get here early because you will wait...but they have plenty of outdoor waiting space.

These pre dinner hush puppies are to die for!!  

My every time meal here.  Fried fish, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes...Aiden and I share because it's so much food!  I know...not healthy but so so good!!
Check out their website here
This little hole in the wall pizza place has amazing pizza!  It is mouth watering good!

Why is this child using a fork to eat this deliciousness?
Check them out on Facebook.

This one is new to me but it's my Dad's favorite place.  I have only been once but it was very good and I will definitely go back.  They have all you can eat Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes on Mondays and that is what my Dad goes for.  The atmosphere was great!  
Check them out here.

And our favorite lunch time hangout...beachfront!  Coconuts Tiki Bar and Grill is so good.  We love the burgers, wings and shrimp.  It's so fun to go up right off the beach and have lunch.  

Aiden especially loves this place because it has a basketball court attached and he always has people to join in a game with.  I mean really, a day at the beach isn't complete without basketball..., especially for this boy!
Check out Coconuts here.

If you happen to be in the North Myrtle Beach area, I hope you will try out some of my favorite places.  Let me know if you like them.  And let me know your favorite places here so I can try them out!

Have a great day!

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