Giving Thanks for Mothering Women

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! This is a special day where we give thanks for our moms and give thanks for the gift of our children. My mom is a beautiful lady. She is strong and courageous, taught me how to be gentle and kind, and is creative and talented in her own ways. She's an amazing grandmother to my kids and is an incredible help to me. It's been wonderful to walk beside her as a friend the past few years- and don't get me wrong, I still have days where I just want my mom to come and take care of me.

Being a mom is a special thing. It's something that I always wanted for myself- to be a mother. I have always wanted to have children of my own to love and nurture. I love their smiling faces first thing in the morning, and I love their sticky kisses after they've been eating. I love to wipe their tears away and kiss their boo-boos. I love the ways they call me 'mama' and 'mommy.' I know that there are some days where I let my frustrations and stress get the best of me, and I don't feel like the 'best mom' that shimmers across my coffee cup.

I know, too, that for some, this day is a hard one. There are so many hurting women in the world on this day... women who long to be mothers. I don't know their hurt, but my heart hurts for more than one of these women. It can be difficult to find the right words to encourage a friend or a loved one who is struggling with infertility. When I think about mothers, though- I think about all of the women who are part of my tribe. Certainly, my mom, and most definitely my sister- who loves my kids like they were her own, and would do anything for them. My best friend, who always remembers the kids, steals hugs when she can, and will always offer an encouraging word. My sister-in-law, and cousins, who help keep a watchful eye over my kids when we're together. My husband's mother, aunt, and grandmother, who step in and co-parent if there is a need, I think of my friends, and all of the women in my church community, who help guide my kids in their faith journeys. The teachers and aids who work with my kids every day.

Our world is filled with mothers- a community of mothering women, who step in and look after the children in their tribes. Today, I give thanks for all of the mothers and mothering women I know. Their presence has made a huge difference in my life and the lives of my children. To those who long for a child, to those who have lost a child, or to those who have lost a mother- you're not alone. God knows your name, and He has not forgotten you.

Happy Mother's Day!

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