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Father's Day Gifts for the Auto Enthusiast

What do you get for the dad who has everything when Father's Day rolls aorund? Does dad have a car? If he does, he probably takes a lot of pride in it, and loves to take good care of it. He might even treat his car like his baby, pampering and spoiling it. If dad is an auto enthusiast, there are lots of great options for cool gifts for Father's Day. You can make some DIY gift baskets, give him some tickets to a car event, or plan a road trip!

For the dad who loves to take care of his car, there are tons of gift options available. Give dad the chance to get outside and clean/wash the car himself. Create a gift basket filled with products that will help him achieve a squeaky clean look! Products like Armor All and Turtle Wax will help keep the car's interior and eterior looking prestine! Wash and wax will keep the car looking clean. Dashboard wipes will help with the inside. You can also include glass cleaner, sponges, gloves, air freshener, etc. For heavy duty cleaning, gift a tool like Brush Hero, which will help dad clean those stubborn spots on wheels and the underbody of the car.

For the racing enthusiast, book a trip to the Nascar Hall of Fame, located in Charlotte, NC. If you're a local, spend the day at the Nascar Hall of Fame, and then explore uptown eateries and bars. If you're from out of town or state, look for a hotel near the Nascar Hall of Fame, and plan to spend a couple of days in Charlotte. You might even plan a trip on a weekend where there is a NASCAR race happening at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

For the dad who loves to travel and drive, plan an exciting family trip. Map out the different car museums across the country. Plan a family road trip and visit as many as those museums as you can along the way. You might be able to check out some cool old car shows along the way. You'll definitely want to stop in at some diners and dives for good eats, too! Has dad always dreamed of a trip down Route 66? Sumemrtime is the perfect time to turn dad's dream into a reality! With the help of Google maps, you'll be able to plan your trip out with no problem!

Give dad a thrill for the day. Surprise dad by renting his dream car for the day, and letting him drive from dusk til dawn! 

You can also gift some needed items for dad to use in the car, like a subscription to Sirius Radio, a new car charger, auto organizers, or gift cards for coffee stops or gas station fill-ups.

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