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Sleep. We all need it and we all love it! But did you know that only 14% of people feel they get enough sleep? Restonic, a leader in handcrafted mattresses and high-quality sleep products since 1938, recently discovered this through their Sleep Survey where they polled more than 1,000 people about their sleeping habits.

Surprised? Well, I’ve got more news to share with you. Restonic found that sleep quality was heavily impacted by the use of electronics, like smartphones and tablets. The facts don’t get better from there for heavy electronics-in-bed users. Restonic found that only six percent of people who use electronics while in bed say they get enough sleep. But for those of you who are thinking, “I do limit electronic usage when in bed,” it gets better for you! Those who limit the use of their devices in bed say they get enough sleep at more than double the rate of those who don’t. So, stop tweeting and texting when you should be snoozing, everyone!

For those who do or don’t exercise, we have additional news for you because the survey findings also revealed a clear connection between lack of exercise and sleep quality. This is bad news for people who don’t exercise regularly: only 11 percent of people who don’t workout think they get enough sleep. Type of exercise also matters, as those who do high-impact activities like cardio, running and CrossFit report getting enough sleep at double the rate of those who engage in low-impact exercises like yoga (22 percent for CrossFit and 18 percent for cardio and running, versus only 10 percent for yoga). Sorry yogis!

There were several more interesting facts on sleep that Restonic found, including:
Ninety-one percent of people surveyed say they wake up at least once during the night.
Nearly two-thirds of people (63 percent) would give up coffee or alcohol for the rest of their lives in exchange for a better night’s sleep.
Thirty-eight percent of women report feeling like they don’t get enough sleep compared to only 20 percent of men.
Women wake up more frequently in the middle of the night because of kids or pets than men (23 percent of women, versus 12 percent of men).

My recommendations from all this data? You should put your phones down when you’re bed and you should exercise regularly, and you’ll have an improved chance for getting better sleep.

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