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Acts of Kindness- Out for Dinner

Often, when you hear about an act of kindness at a restaurant, the story is about a patron being kind. This one is about a kind waitress!

Since I enjoy cooking so much, we rarely go out to eat. When we do, we usually hit up one of three local restaurants: Amalfi'sMaples, or Texas Roadhouse.

Last month, we decided to visit Texas Roadhouse for a late lunch/early dinner. D had just finished her final performance in the school play and R was "super hungry".  As usual, the restaurant was pretty packed, but we were seated and our server, Ginger, arrived to take our orders.

Ginger was the kind of nice that you'd expect from a waitress that has not been in the line of work long enough to be jaded by it. Her proficiency however, let us know she had been doing the job for quite some time. She checked in with us often, performing the typical "waitstaff duties", but in way that made our meal out feel more like dinner at a friend's house. 

When we were done eating, our check arrived, and we were surprised by the sweet note left on it. What an act of kindness! 

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  1. That's awesome! We don't eat out alot either but things like this make you want to get out more.


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