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Where Does the Time Go? #WordlessWednesday

I actually become semi-annoyed when I read 'where does the time go,' as captions to people's photos. Can't they express themselves in any other way? I am finding (more often than not) that the answer is a simple yes, but the question, 'where does the time go,' is most appropriate for those times that you look at your children and realize how much they have grown in such a sort amount of time. This handsome guy is six years old, graduating Kindergarten next month. He's my first baby, and he holds my heart. I can't belive how quickly his childhood is flying by, and the past two years, I have been so wrapped up in pregnancy and caring for our new baby, I feel like I've missed a part of his life. 

Our relationship is different now, and sometimes that does make me sad. He's the big brother, though... and a great one at that. He makes me so proud. I'm looking forward to spending the summer with both of my kids, and watching them grow together. Each day with them is truly a gift.

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