Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Happy Earth Day 2017!

The weekend has FINALLY arrived! I spent the week volunteering at the girls' school for the book fair, so I am still feeling pretty worn out, but I am so excited about the day. 

It'll be just me and the girls today, and I have ideas for our own Earth day celebration. First, we'll go out to the yard and pick up any trash that we see. Next, we'll check out the seeds they received for Easter and see which ones we can start planting; I'm hopeful that one of the girls has a green thumb, because their Mom certainly does not. Last, we'll likely just spend some time getting fresh air and checking out some of the books that we got from the book fair*. 

I hope you enjoy your Saturday (and Sunday too!). 

*Sidenote: If you love books, have a bunch of them, and probably shouldn't buy more, do NOT volunteer at the school book fair. If for some reason you do, be sure to leave your debit card at home!

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