The Perfect Party Accessory for Your Little Butterfly from The Bee Hive Hair Buzz

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We had such a wonderful celebration for Baby S' first birthday with family and friends. We couldn't have asked for better weather or a more beautiful day filled with lots of love, smiles, warm hugs, and purple butterflies! Planning S' first birthday party was such a joy for me. I enjoyed planning my son's birthday parties when he was little, too, but now that I am able to plan 'girly parties,' I am over the moon! As I prepped for the party, I hoped to find some very special extra touches that we could share with our guests for helping to make S' day so very special. As I thought about different ideas, I hoped to find a special accessory that we could gift to the sweet little girls who are a special part of our lives.

I came across a super cute shop on Etsy, where I fell in love with some adorable headbands for little girls. As I browsed The Bee Hive Hair Buzz, I noticed that there were some lavender and purple headbands that matched our party theme for S. I was thrilled to connect with sweet shop owner Tricia, who offered to send us a 3-pack of headbands, which featured a beautiful lavender flower, a pretty purple butterfly, and a sweet little caterpillar. The headbands looked so cute pictured in The Bee Hive Hair Buzz shop, and I couldn't wait to see what they looked like in person.

The Bee Hive Hair Buzz is the place to get all of your headbands! They are unlike any others that I have come across in their whimsical designs. There are colorful headbands available for seasons, occasions, and more! Tricia can also make custom headbands for your events, photos, etc, and if you can't find what you're looking for in her adorable shop, all you have to do is ask her to help create a custom piece!

 3 Pack Purple Butterfly Headbands from The Bee Hive Hair Buzz.

Each of the adorable headbands in this set were incredibly beautiful! I so appreciated the attention to detail and the hard work that lovingly went into making each one of these precious headpieces. I'm not sure that I could even choose a favorite- they were each special in their own way. I loved the color combinations of ribbons on the headbands- especially the butterfly headband with the varying purples and the black, to match the colors in the butterfly embellishment. The cute caterpillar headband was also very sweet, and the lavender flower headband was incredibly beautiful. The flower blossom sitting on top was so delicate and lovely.

Photo credit- The Bee Hive Hair Buzz

Take a closer look at the detail in each of these headbands. They are just beautiful. Each one features a different embellishment from a flower to a caterpillar and sweet butterfly. The detail in the ribbon work is eye-catching, and is so beautiful!

This particular set is available for $21.99, and most other headbands (individual headbands) are available for around $9.99/each. Wholesale and custom orders are welcome at The Bee Hive Hair Buzz!

 The pretty headbands, waiting for Baby S' pretty little baby friends to arrive!

Before any of our party guests arrived, I had the headbands displayed by the party favors so everyone could admire them. I knew that all of the ladies attending our party would think that they were incredibly adorable- and I was right- they loved them, and many asked about where they came from. I was so excited to share these beautiful headbands as thank you gifts to my friends' little girls. Baby S had her own special party hat, and she was able to share these sweet headbands with her friends, so they could each have a special purple butterfly accessory for the party, and as a keepsake afterward.

 Sweet Baby K, smiling over the beautiful butterfly headband from The Bee Hive Hair Buzz.

Our friend M, loving her pretty lavender flower headband from The Bee Hive Hair Buzz.

Our guests (friends) thought that the headbands were the sweetest little thank you gifts ever! The moms especially loved them, and I was happy to share about The Bee Hive Hair Buzz with them, knowing that their little girls would look so sweet in any and all of the cute headbands available in the shop. We shared the cute caterpillar headband with our Cousin M, who is very shy and declined to have her photo taken. She was very smitten with the caterpillar, though!

These sweet headbands were such a hit at our party! All of the ladies were talking about them, and my sister even commented that she wished the butterfly headbands were available for grown up girls. If you love cute headbands and enjoy adding new ones to your little girl's collection, or would like to start building a collection, now is the time to do so. There are so many cute designs that would look adorable for the late spring and summer months. Headbands make wonderful gifts- include them with birthday gifts, baby shower gifts, etc!

Want them? Get them!

I can't thank The Bee Hive Hair Buzz enough for being part of this special birthday celebration for Baby S! Be sure to browse The Bee Hive Hair Buzz to see all of the sweet headbands that are available. Have questions, just contact shop owner Tricia and she'll be glad to help! Connect with The Bee Hive Hair Buzz on Etsy and Facebook.

Special thanks to The Bee Hive Hair Buzz for allowing me to share about their beautiful headbands! Look for them in Sabine's 1st Birthday Bash Guide.

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