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Small Acts Can Have a Big Impact #actsofkindness

Hendrix and his friend, Sofia

Before I had a kid, I really did wonder how stay-at-home moms filled their days. Now, I am amazed when it is already Friday. I try to keep Hendrix busy with trips to the Children's Museum, play dates, trips to the park and libray, and all the regular errands. 

Friday morning was already a busy one, but I found out Hendrix's friend, Sofia, had fallen and fractured her arm. Upon hearing this, I changed my plans and took strawberries and donuts over to their house to visit and play for a bit. 

A group of moms I'm friends with also recently gathered items needed for a women's shelter to donate. It cost maybe $5 a person, but will mean so much more to those on the receiving end. 

I want to be a good role model for Hendrix and show him that we always have enough to help others. Take the time to be there for friends and others in need. 

We are very lucky and I want to continue showing my support for not only my friends, but other women who can benefit. 

Do you have a favorite organization you support? 

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