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OxyLED Motion Sensor-A Light for Everywhere #review

Thank you to OxyLED for the Motion Sensor. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I was lucky enough to review an OxyLED nightlight previously. This time I am fortunate enough to review their motion sensor light. 

The most difficult thing for me was to decide where to use it! Since I couldn't decide on one location, I chose a few to try. 

The first place I tried was my laundry room. Sometimes I don't have a free hand to turn on the light so this was very convenient for me. 

The second place I tried was the garage. I've thought for a couple years that motion sensor lights would be great to have. The OXYLed light proved me correct! The light switch for our garage light is inside the house so it is very inconvenient to turn it on if I'm leaving because I have to go back inside the house to turn it off. With the OXYLed motion sensor light, I can simply continue on my way. 

The third place I tried the motion sensor light was in the hallway. We don't currently have a night light so this was very nice to try. I really liked it in the hallway and it is so easy to install anywhere. 

I think my favorite spot was in the garage though. I will have to buy more to put around the house. 

Where would you put the OXYLed motion sensor lights? 

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