My Last Baby is Five

Last Picture as a 4 Year Old

Last night was a pretty big milestone. My last baby, my youngest girl, spent her last night as a 4 year old. It didn't really bother me (too much) during the day yesterday, but this morning, it hit me HARD. 

First Picture as a 5 Year Old

My youngest is now a five year old. To me, she looks older this morning than she did last night. I suppose it doesn't really help that I have been catching her in moments where it is so breathtakingly apparent that she is no longer a toddler. Watching her cut things with such efficiency, or count to 50 (a little less efficiently), makes me so proud that I could burst. It also makes me feel a little weepy, thinking about how fast these last 5 years have gone and how this is the last time I will be experiencing these milestones. 

My last baby, my youngest lady, is 5 years old today! 

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