I'm Dreaming of Summer Break and a Family Vacation to Florida

Happy Friday friends! I've been volunteering at the book fair at the girls' school all week, and let me tell you 2 things- 
1. Teachers (most of them) are SAINTS in disguise 
2. I am so so ready for Summer!
We had quite a few snow days this year, so our last day of school went from a tentative date of June 9th to June 21st! I am having a hard time dealing with it, especially because both girls are in school and I go a little stir crazy when I am home alone (hence the reason I jumped at the chance to work the book fair all week this week).

I am so ready for our annual (well, almost annual) family vacation. We haven't made any plans yet, but it is pretty much a given that we'll be heading to Florida, and I can hardly wait. I need that sun and laid back vibe. We need to see our family members that live down there and we miss like crazy. We need to see some houses, so that we can find our "dream home" and become even more motivated to become full-time Florida residents. Man, I am so so ready!

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