Dreaming of Disney

This summer, my family and I are heading south. That's right, we're going to Florida. I am excited to be going to the 2017 BlogHer Conference in Orlando, and the entire family is tagging along. We'll be staying at a fun condo community in Kissimmee, and of course I have promised a very sweet little boy that we can spend a day at Disney World. As soon as I mentioned the possibility of going to Disney, his eyes lit up, and he began counting down to our trip.

Our Florida trip isn't until June, and I can honestly say that B isn't the only one who is super excited. I have only been to Disney World once, and it was only for one day. I went in high school, so it was a very long time ago that I visited the famous park. My husband loves Disney, too... but he's a little worried about how we're going to manage a day in the park with a six-year-old who will want to ride everything, and manage our one-year-old. Thankfully, we'll be able to take advantage of the Rider Switch Program.

Baby S just had her first little ride on a kiddie train, and a carousel, and loved them both! We're really looking forward to taking her on some of the tame rides. B has never really been on any rides that are more than just tame, so it will be fun to see whether or not he is brave like daddy for some of the bigger rides.

Can't wait to take this kid to Disney World!

B has been wanting to go to Disney for a long time. As soon as we felt like he was old enough to handle it, we decided that we wanted another baby, and that was almost two years ago. It hubby had his way, we'd be waiting until Baby S was older to take both kids, but I want B to be able to experience Disney while he's still little, and while it's all still so magical to him.

When we get back from our trip, I plan to share our experience, and share tips on how to make the most of a day in the park(s) with kiddos of various ages.

For now, Disney is several sleeps away yet, and we have a couple of smaller trips to get through before we tackle Florida. We're so excited, though. We can't wait to see our favorite characters up close, and to make some amazing family memories in the most magical place on Earth,

See you soon, Disney!

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