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Celebrate All the Birthdays #MondayMotivation

With the whirlwind weekend came a beautiful Easter celebration, and we also had a celebration for my dad's birthday. April has been a fun month, because Baby S turned one a couple of weeks ago, and my dad's birthday has always been a big to-do. We love birthdays and celebrations! This year, we were pretty exhausted from Easter services and Holy Week, so we kept it low-key for the birthday celebration for my dad.
Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy a home-cooked meal with your family, have some good old birthday cake, and a big glass of vino!

Poppa (and Grammy) with Baby S after church on Easter Sunday.

We love our Poppa! Next year, we'll have a lot of big birthdays. I'll turn 35, and my parents will both turn 60. I see a big celebration in our future!

How do you celebrate family birthdays?

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