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A Delicious Addition to Your Next Party: Dips Cake Pops

 Thank you to Dips Cake Pops for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Having a party and want to wow your guests with something sweet? How about cake pops? My family loves cake pops. From the very first time we tried them, we were hooked. Cake pops are moist, delicious balls of cake and frosting that are then covered in chocolate or candy melts, and decorated. A few years ago, I tried my hand at making cake pops, just because I wanted to see if I could do it. I quickly found that it's an involved process (it took me two days from start to finish) and that while they tasted great, it would be the kind of thing that I would only make for a special occasion or for a family request. I knew that I wanted to incorporate cake pops into Baby S' 1st birthday celebration, but that I did not have the time or the patience to make them myself.

As I searched for cake pops that might work for my daughter's first birthday party, I saw a lot of ideas that were adorable. I came across Dips Cake Pops, and as I looked through the portfolio of their work, I was blown away by how beautiful these little balls of cake were. They were so lovely, so beautifully decorated, and I could only imagine that they tasted as good as they looked, too.

I was able to work with Sherri, owner of Dips Cake Pops, who created 30 or so custom cake pops for Baby S' birthday party. Sherri and I communicated for a few weeks leading up to the party, and I shared our party theme and colors with her. Sherri asked me questions, as well, including what flavor of cake S liked. We worked out all of the details, and Sherri overnighted the finished cake pops to me, just in time for the party, so they would be super fresh.

 Each cake pop was individually wrapped, and each one was also wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure their safety on their journey!

The cake pops arrived in a large box, well protected and sealed for freshness. As per the instructions that Dips Cake Pops sent me, I immediately refrigerated the cake pops after they arrived. There was also a note that said not to store them in the freezer, so we avoided that.

 Each wrapped cake pop was on a stick, perfect for pick up & go eating.

 Cake pops were individually wrapped in cello bags, and tied with coordinating lavender, purple, gold and silver ribbons for decoration. Such a nice touch!

And now for the best part of all... the detail!

 Just look at this... it is not stunning?

The cake pops were covered in white chocolate (hubby's favorite), and decorated with sprinkles, little flowers, and butterflies. They were presented in little silver cups, and were just beyond perfect! The cake pops were so pretty- many of the party guests didn't want to eat them because they were so gorgeous! After they snapped some pictures of the beautiful cake pops, they did, in fact, eat them!

The cake pops were incredibly beautiful, and absolutely delicious!

I was so surprised by how gorgeous the cake pops were in person. The photos that I saw from Dips Cake Pops looked great, but these looked even better! The detail was fabulous- right down to the matching ribbons on the wrapping. I was so excited to put these out for the party, and just knew our guests would love them!

 The cake pops looked so beautiful on a serving tray next to the birthday cake at the party!

Once our party guests eyed those cake pops, they couldn't wait to taste them. I figured that many guests would just take some on their way out, as a favor (and many did), but there were some who just couldn't wait to taste them. Many people ate their cake pops while Baby S opened some of her birthday gifts, and their reactions were immediate... they were a huge hit! Everyone commented on how beautiful and how yummy they were.

My husband is a cake snob, and he absolutely loved the cake pops. He said he couldn't believe how moist they were, and told me that if I came across a vanilla one, he'd trade a chocolate one for it. He had a clear favorite!

These two dudes (my son B- 6 yrs., and Cousin C, 12 yrs) loved the cake pops and gave them two thumbs up!

The cake pops were wonderful, and they added a very special touch to our party. Sherri was incredibly sweet and wonderful to work with. She took time to make sure that we were fully satisfied with our cake pops, and worked with me on a custom order. The next time I need cake pops for an event, I won't look anywhere else. Dips Cake Pops has such beautiful designs, and can make cookies or cake pops for any occasion!

Check out these Mini Ears cake pops... perfect for a Dinsey Party!

Want them? Get them!

If you have an upcoming party or event, check out Dips Cake Pops! You will love their gorgeous designs, the yummy cake flavors you can choose from, and you'll love the quality of these delicious treats! Connect with Dips Cake Pops on Facebook.

Special thanks to Sherri at Dips Cake Pops for allowing me to share about her wonderful business and for providing cake pops for our big birthday event. Look for Dips Cake Pops in Sabine's 1st Birthday Bash Guide!


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