Who Is The Father Of Kailyn Lowry's Baby?

After “Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry's surprise pregnancy announcement last week, fans have been reeling, trying to figure out who the father of the baby could possibly be. We already know that it is not her ex Jo, who is the father of 7-year-old Issac, or her ex Javi, who is the father of 3-year-old Lincoln. Javi and Kailyn divorced only a few months ago, and we haven't seen her out with a new man, so fans have been busy with some super sleuthing to try to figure out the possibilities.

One possible guy who is rumored to be the dad of Kailyn's unborn baby is Tyler Hill. Tyler is one of Kailyn's friends who she met at college, and is actually the guy that Kailyn is rumored to have cheated on Javi with when he was serving overseas in the air force. These rumors have not been confirmed, but Tyler is the most likely choice for the father of Kailyn's unborn child.

The other man that fans think could be the possible father of Kailyn's baby sounds like an unlikely choice. That's because it is her Teen Mom producer, JC Cueva. The reality star has denied relationship rumors with her producer before in the past, but Cueva has said in interviews that he has a “really good relationship” with Kailyn, and that they “joke around a lot.” Some fans are convinced that JC is the father of Kailyn's baby. While Kailyn has not spoken about the identity of her baby's father, we will be curious to hear what comes about in the next few months. 

Are you a fan of Teen Mom? Who do you think the father of the new baby might be?

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