Try It Thursday

As a mom the advice of other women in inspiring, heartbreaking, and empowering at times.  As a contributor for Things I Wish I Had Known About Postpartum Life Before I Became a Mom, one would think I have the experience of being a mom long enough to have some wisdom... I do and I don't.  No one told me that my once precious and precocious 5 year old would grow up to be a teenager that argues at every turn.  Who knew I'd have to fight with him to go to his cousin's birthday party and just be one of the kids?  Granted with a large age gap between him and his cousins, it is hard to remember being that young, but at 15 he is still just a kid.

We visited Sky Zone, which is a trampoline fun zone.  From the moment we were planning to leave the house to get there, my son refused to jump and join in the fun.  Why does it have to be so hard for him to just enjoy being a kid?  Oh right, I'm his mom and I was that "grown up" at his age too.  So what did I did? I resorted to rescinding permission on an outing he wanted to do until he at least tried it.  Guess what?  He tried it, loved it, and would love to go again.  My best advice as a parent is to let your child be a kid as long as they can.  Encourage them to try things and experience life.  Sometimes they may just love it.


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