Life is a Little Brighter with FamilyTraditions

I grew up in a very different household. My parents separated when I was one so I traveled back and forth to houses on the weekends. When I was 11, my mother passed away and I lived with my dad, aunt, and uncle. My mom's family never really had a strong history of traditions and neither did my dad's family. 

When I met Jon, they had traditions and many of them. I loved it! Traditions for food, events, and holidays. The reason I'm thinking about this is because St. Patrick's Day is today and Jon's mom makes corned beef and cabbage (do any of you?) which I had never even heard of until I was dating Jon. 

Some of my other favorite traditions include eating kuchen (a German pastry) on Christmas morning, eating homemade pizza and eggnog shakes on Christmas Eve, and getting together to watch the first round of the NCAA tournament games. 

When you don't have traditions, you don't know what you're missing. I love that my in-laws have traditions and I definitely want to starts ones for Hendrix. 

What are some of your favorite traditions? Do you suggest any traditions for my little guy? 

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