Small And Easy Bathroom Improvements

The bathroom is one of the rooms in our house that means the most to us. It can be a hub of relaxation when you sink into the bathtub, or a room of craziness when it is bath time for the kids!

There are plenty of ways we can redecorate, revamp or simply improve our bathroom and because we know that time isn't on your side with your busy life, these are all going to be cheap, quick and easy fixes! Your bathroom should be improved in no-time at all and at little cost.

The best way to improve your bathroom is always going to involve money, but you don't have to spend thousands replacing the plumbing to get the bathroom you've always wanted! Be warned though, there are a few DIY tips here - so brush up on your tools and skills.

If your family is like any family, the taps and faucets see a lot of use. Now, the handles of our faucets collect grime, mineral deposits, and dust quite well because they are in constant contact with hands and moisture. Replacements are usually cheap, but you can also clean them yourself by removing them with a screwdriver and washing them well. You might even get them shining again! (Not for long, though...)

Tiling is a great way to improve any bathroom; the trouble is - it's expensive. What's more, if you're unable to apply tiles yourself, you're going to have contract someone to do it for you and that costs. The best way to tile your bathroom is to limit the tiling and keep it extremely simple - this means you'll have access to more artisanal tiles as you'll be using less, meaning you may as well place the best tiles you can afford on your wall. Limit their use to accents to save the most money.

It might be tempting to replace a bathtub, sink or shower - but that is going to cost a lot. While a great bathroom is going to be home to a nice new tub, you can still work with what you have to improve your bathroom. Paying a professional to reline your bath to add a new finish will change the dynamics of your bathroom and make you feel like you have a new bathtub, for the price of a simple finish. Adding other furnishings can help, such as a towel rail if you’ve got the money. Small furnishings with a purpose have a lot of use in bathrooms and are amazing small improvements that you can make.

If you're out of ideas, and cash - you might want to turn to the simple paint bucket. Painting is cheaper than other improvements and if you're creative, it can work wonders for you. It costs more in time than it does money, and make sure you guard your utilities from splashes and the like, otherwise you'll make the entire job a lot harder.

The bathroom is going to see a lot of use, so look after it and make it yours!

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