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This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

How many times a year do you find yourself buying gift cards? For a long time, I stopped buying gift cards as gifts, because I felt like it wasn't personal enough. After becoming a mom, I realized that when it comes to giving gifts, it's the thought that counts. My time is precious, and as much as I love to give gifts, I also love spending time with my family as opposed to spending my time running from store to store to hunt for the 'perfect gift.'

There's something to be said about gifting gift cards. Honestly, they are my go-to gift now that I have a family. I would rather not drag my screaming kids from store to store to try and find a gift that just jumps out at me for someone special in my life. I do love to give meaningful gifts, and that's why I carefully select gift cards based on the recipient's likes and personal taste. I wind up purchasing a lot of gift cards throughout the year. The spring will be filled with lots of occasions for gift card giving in my little world. It helps me to make a list of the gifts I need to buy or the people I need to buy for, and then match gift cards to the stores my loved ones really love.

Cardpool.com is the perfect place to buy or sell gift cards. It's a really neat gift card exchange service, which allows you to safely and securely purchased pre-owned gift cards at up to 35% off. On the flip side, you can also sell your unwanted gift cards for 92% of their value. Have you ever received a gift card that you didn't really want, or might not ever have the chance to use. I'll admit that I have a few unused gift cards from past celebrations, and they're just taking up space in my gift card pouch! I have never really given much thought to exchanging them or selling them, and until I discovered Cardpool.com , I didn't really know that I had the option to do so.

I need gift cards to give as gifts for birthdays, special events, end of the year gifts for teachers, etc. I plan on buying gift cards for some favorite retailers, like Starbucks, Toys R Us, and Barnes & Noble. My sweet baby girl, my dad, and several friends all have birthdays coming up- and Mother's Day & Father's Day aren't too far off, either. So many gift giving occasions are just around the bend, and if I plan to purchase gift cards, why not save a little money at the same time?

It's totally possible to save (even though you're spending money) when you purchase gift cards through Cardpool. You can up to 11% on top brands like:

Neiman Marcus– Save 10%! http://bit.ly/2mTTU7D
Starbucks – Save 11%! http://bit.ly/2n2ytBs
Toys R Us– Save 11%! http://bit.ly/2mkX3Jv
Barnes & Noble – Save 9%! http://bit.ly/2n2K9nN
Nordstrom – Save 10%! http://bit.ly/2n2Aq12
Apple Store – Save 4.5%! http://bit.ly/2ny2JAV
JCPenney – Save 11%! http://bit.ly/2ny2Nk9
Crate and Barrel– Save 7%! http://bit.ly/2ml2SHN

This offer is valid from 3/17/17 - 3/31/17. Purchases come with a 180 guarantee. 
See cardpool.com for more information.

I'm going to have some very happy folks in my family and within my circle of friends once I gift them their gift cards this season! Maybe I'll even purchase one for myself, and give myself a little gift! Self-love is super important! I'm looking forward to saving some money, though, and then putting the money I saved toward a big-ticket item, like a weekend trip, a new washer/dryer! Is it bad that the possibility of buying a new washer/dryer is totally exciting to me right now?

I can't wait to hear about the money you save with this awesome offer!

Giveaways are awesome, too! 

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Good luck & happy saving!

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