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Rise & Shine: How To Make Sure You Always Have A Good Morning

All mothers will know how hard it can be to get themselves out of bed in the morning. However, we have to struggle through because we need to make breakfasts and get the kids ready for school. I’ve encountered that issue many times, and so I’ve done my best to come up with a solution. If you follow the tips and advice on this page, you should find that rising early and feeling energetic becomes a much easier process. At the end of the day, you’re going to feel stressed out if you’re dealing with children while you’re still half asleep. So, read this information and try to put it into practice as soon as possible. 

Go downstairs and make a cup of coffee before you wake the kids

There are a couple of reasons you should make yourself a drink before waking your kids from their slumber. Firstly, that will give you a few minutes to rub your eyes and feel less like you want to go back to bed. Also, the caffeine in most hot drinks will have a stimulating effect on your brain. Experts from WorldCoffeeStore.com claim that coffee is the best beverage choice for early mornings. However, there are also lots of tea products and other items that contain just as much caffeine. So, you just need to find something you like and make sure it’s always waiting on your kitchen side. With a bit of luck, you will feel ready to face the day after having a hot drink. 

Head to the shower before your kids need to use the bathroom

When all’s said and done, you won’t want your children knocking at the door when you take a shower. However, you could always do that first thing in the morning because it will make you feel awake. Specialists over at EliteDaily.com know that all too well. You don’t have to use cold water unless you’re exceptionally tired. A warm shower will make you feel clean and ready to perform your morning duties. Also, your kids might hear the noise, and that could help to wake them up slowly which you’re getting washed. The bathroom is then free for your little people who need to brush their hair and teeth ready for school. 

Listen to your favorite music as soon as you wake up 

Music can have an amazing effect on your mood, and so you should always listen to songs first thing in the morning. Just create a playlist and flick over to it using your phone before getting into the shower. You could even do the same for your kids to make brushing their teeth a little more enjoyable. You will recognize the songs, and you will begin to sing along in your head. That will help to get your brain working and give it some exercise. You need that first thing in the morning because your mind is still affected by the chemicals released when you sleep. That is why you sometimes wake up confused or disorientated. 

I hope you all benefit from the advice on this page, and that you will always have a good morning from now on. Just remember that getting enough sleep is also important when creating better mornings. You are always going to feel terrible if you didn’t hit the hay until 3 am. So, make sure you get into a suitable bedtime routine, and everything should be okay. 

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