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New Season, New Home Décor

There is a sense of renewal that comes with each spring. When nature itself is growing back, people often feel inspired to do the same. Whether it is a change of wardrobe or a new hairstyle, spring is associated with a new identity. It’s a natural feeling that is generally linked to the subtle changes that happens in our garden: Trees in blossoms, little birds building their nest, the first butterflies flying above the flowers, the garden is having a subtle spring makeover. And people want to change the décor in their wardrobe, in their home, and also a little bit in their garden too to tame all this reborn nature. Here are the trends in home and garden décor to look for this season so that your new décor can remain fashionable and charming. 

A Garden To Die For
First of all, spring is the perfect time to take care of your garden. At the end of winter, the garden is in desperate need of a mow if you haven’t maintained it through the cold months. Think of it as your way to help Mother Nature look its best. If you have grown trees, you may want to consider getting a quality hedge trimmer – you can gain a lot of practical knowledge about it from ebestpicks.com reviews – to keep your trees in control. A clean, freshly cut hedge can change the ambiance in the garden. Additionally, now is the right time to think about flowers and plants that you want to add so that the summer months continue to bring colorful accents. Lavender, rose bushes, anemones, and pansies are among the favorite choices as they are easy to maintain and can create playful patches of color in the garden. Patterns are the new garden trend, so think about the design you create when you choose where your flowers will grow. 

Trendy Home Décor
Naturally, you can also bring the spring renewal feeling inside your home, with trendy home décors from housebeautiful.com inspirations for the season. For instance, you can add a modernist touch by injecting some colors, especially navy blue into a white or neutral décor. Consider repainting your kitchen island, for example, or reupholstering your couch with this fresh and modern shade. You can also freshen up your décor with copper elements, such as new copper tabs, or even a playful copper tray in the kitchen, Copper is the metal of choice for a vintage yet dynamic style. 

Things To Be Aware Of
However, changing your home décor doesn’t go without risk. So if you decide to use a DIY approach, you need to be aware of potential health risks that hide in your house. Make the most of your décor project to move furniture and check for mold on the normally less visible parts of the wall. Indeed, mold is a common indication that your house requires new insulation, new plumbing or maybe new windows: The presence of mold indicates the presence of humidity in the air, which is linked to water getting to your home structure. Additionally, spring is also the perfect time to check for pests, such as rodents, fleas or termites. As unwanted guests become active with the warm weather, you will rapidly notice indications of their presence such as chewed cables or droppings. Get in a touch with a professional for a rapid pest removal before they damage the home structure. 

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