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Meet Your Child's New Favorite Treat: TEDDY Soft Bakes! #MBPEGG17

Thank you to TEDDY for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

What kinds of snacks do your kids like? My son has inherited his mom's sweet tooth, and at the moment, he's like a bottomless pit. When he gets home from school, he wants a snack... and then maybe one or two more until dinner is ready. He's a growing boy, and he's the tallest kid in his kindergarten class. I want to give him wholesome snacks that are made with real ingredients, and that he'll really enjoy.

We're longtime fans of Teddy products. I remember loving Teddy Grahams when I was a kid, and it's no surprise that my son loves them years later. TEDDY Soft Bakes—the latest treat from the TEDDY portfolio—are a soft-baked filled snack created in the shape of a bear. The product launched this year in the U.S. and is available in two flavors: Chocolate Filling and Vanilla-flavored Filling.

Kids will love discovering the hidden filling inside TEDDY Soft Bakes’ playful bear shape, and parents can feel confident about saying “yes” to this treat because it’s made with familiar quality ingredients such as milk, eggs, flour and chocolate.

We received some yummy TEDDY Soft Bakes to try!

TEDDY Soft Bakes come six to a box, and are individually wrapped. This helps to keep the snacks nice and fresh, and makes it so easy to pop into a lunch box or a snack bag. They are available in two flavors: Vanilla with Chocolate Filling, and Chocolate with Vanilla Filling.

 TEDDY Soft Bakes are the perfect size for quick snacks, and packed individually for freshness.

The perfect after school snack- TEDDY Soft Bakes and a glass of milk!

 Soft and yummy vanilla cake, filled with chocolate filling!

I know how picky my family is when it comes to baked goods. I also knew that B would be so excited to try these. I offered him up a TEDDY Soft Bake treat after school, and he was drooling over his snack tray. He loved the vanilla cake with chocolate filling, and kept asking me for more TEDDY Soft Bakes. He also tried the chocolate cake, and liked it, but not as much as the vanilla cake.

Even Baby S loves TEDDY Soft Bakes!

TEDDY Soft Bakes are mom-approved! They are made with quality ingredients, and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or high fructose corn syrup. That's music to my ears! I feel good about allowing my kids to enjoy TEDDY Soft Bakes. B has been taking them in his lunch, and sharing them with all of his friends! We have seen TEDDY Sof Bakes in our local grocery stores, and are excited to know where we can purchase them. TEDDY Soft Bakes are a delicious treat that your kids will love. I won't judge if you wind up loving them, too- they're good!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to the Discover TEDDY website to learn more about new TEDDY Soft Bakes. 
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