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Thank you to Strictly Briks for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

Are there brick fans in your life? You know the people I'm talking about... the ones who are obsessed with all things bricks. LEGO, MegaBloks, DUPLO, Kreo... the list goes on. My two guys love building with bricks. Hubby is a LEGO lover, even at age 31. Our son B, loves to create and play with bricks of all kinds. He's partial to LEGO, but also loves some of the other brands. For the longest time, I have tried to tell B that he really needed to get a few building plates, so he'd have an area to build his creations on, and a way to leave them set up and left out for future play.
FYI- I always thought that those building plates were necessary, but kind of expensive. That was all before I found Strictly Briks.

Strictly Briks are awesome! At Strictly Briks, you'll find hundreds of useful and creative building sets that you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Strictly Briks offers a myriad of building accessories and briks, which are compatible with all major brands of bricks. That's right- they'll work with LEGO, DUPLO, and the rest! Strictly Briks' products are creative and colorful. There are so many ways to play with these amazing plates and accessories!

We were lucky enough to receive a few products from Strictly Briks to play with and enjoy. I poured over their website for days, just looking at all of the products, and imagining the fun my hubby and son would have with them.

We received three really cool products to kick off our collection of Strictly Briks.

B was so excited to see these products. He knew right away that he'd be able to use them with his LEGOs, and he couldn't wait to tear into them! We was intrigued by the stack of colorful plates, and was really curious to find out what was in the box, as well.

We received a colorful pack of 12 baseplates.

The multi-color stackable baseplates is a great set of baseplates to start with if you don't have any (like us), or if you're wanting to add to your current baseplate collection. This rainbow set of 6x6 baseplates is super fun, mainly because they are stackable! Now, this set didn't come with stackers, but you can use bricks that you already own to stack up the plates and make a tower. Can I just say how much I wish that I'd had these when I was growing up? Yes- my sister and I loved to play with our LEGOs, and loved to build houses and scenes. It would have been so cool to make two-story houses! Maybe I'll get to do that now... 20+ years later!

You can choose which colors of the baseplates you'd like... go with a rainbow pack, a pack of blue and green, or a pack of blue, green, and grey. These baseplates come in packs of 12, 24, or 36. The 12-pack is $15.99, and let me tell you- that's a great deal! If you're like me, and you've scoured Pinterest for DIY LEGO table project ideas, and you nee baseplates to cover the top of the table, this is the way to go!

What was in the box, you ask?

The roll-up travel baseplate was inside of a drawstring Strictly Briks bag!

This handy bag is perfect for B to take his books, snacks and small toys along in the car. He is forever asking me to hold his stuff in my purse (and my hubby wonders why I need such a large purse?), and I just can't handle the weight of all of his stuff, plus mine and the baby's. This bag is cool-looking, and perfect for any kid who loves his bricks!

This mat is so cool! It's totally flexible, and rolls up for easy travel and storage!

If you've ever experienced the headache of your kids begging to bring their LEGOs on a trip, you will love this product. In fact, I encourage you to purchase this product. B loves to bring his bricks along on trips that take us away from home for more than just a day or two. I can hardly blame him, he needs to be able to play in his down time. This Big Briks silicone baseplate mat is completely flexible. It rolls up, and closes with the little silicone flat brick piece that comes with the mat. And guess what else? It's reversible! That's right... B can play with his LEGOs or DUPLOs on this mat!

This flexible mat is so awesome! It's a large play area for B's larger set pieces, and he loves to create world mash-ups on it! Here, we have LEGO Ninjago and LEGO Batman!

I can't wait to get one of these mats for Baby S. I have a feeling that she'll get some of her very first DUPLO sets for Christmas, and I'll be able to get her a pink silicone mat to go along with them! Yes... these mats are available in different colors, and sizes. This particular mat is 15x15, and is $19.99.

This nifty set from Strictly Briks is the Cube!

The Cube is totally cool! It comes with six baseplates (reversible for big and little bricks), which connect together to form a cube. You can build inside and outside of the cube, on the sides, the top and the bottom! So many fun and unique ways to play with this innovative baseplate set! Hubby had fun helping B put the cube together. B immediately took it into his room, and turned it into a garage for his brick vehicles. I thought that was pretty clever.

When he isn't building on the cube, B uses it to store some of his loose bricks and accessories. Pretty great little storage solution!

We love the Cube, though it wasn't easy for B to put together on his own. He does like to take it apart, and then use it as a flat baseplate to build on as well. I love to stick stray bricks to the sides while he's at school, so he has something new and fun to look at when he gets home. The Cube is $19.99, and is available in a variety of colors. There are instructions included with the cube, and there are also helpful videos on the Strictly Briks website, which show how to build the cube.

Check out some of the other cool products available from Strictly Briks...

Big Briks Tower Organizers

Silicone Brik & Strap Variety Pack

Diagonal Briks

Half Circles and Triangles

Multi-Color Circle Stackables

Needless to say, we're definitely going to be adding more Strictly Briks products to our collection. B loves these baseplates, and as his mom, I love seeing his creativity sparked by them. It's not uncommon for me to hear him playing and building with his bricks in his room after school, and it's a great father/son activity for my guys, as well. I plan to add a few new shapes to B's Easter basket this year, so he'll be able to continue the building fun with Strictly Briks! The Diagonal Briks pack looks so cool, and I think he would love those, too.

If you have a big or little builder in your life, it'll be well worth your time and money to introduce them to Strictly Briks, where the possibilities are endless!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Strictly Briks to browse all of their unique designs and products. Choose from briks, baseplates, and more! Check out the Inspiration Gallery for cool project ideas!
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Special thanks to Strictly Briks for allowing our family to share about their wonderful products!

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