How to Save for Your Dream Car

Is it your dream to own an expensive car one day? You might feel like your dream car is just that... a car that appears in your dreams, one that you're never destined to own or even drive. There are several ways that you can curb your spending, and save up for the car of your dreams. Those fun daydreams of driving a sports car by the ocean can easily become a reality if you're willing to make some sacrifices and work for your dream. You can purchase the car of your dreams without going into major debt.

One of the fastest, and perhaps hardest, yet easiest ways to save money is to curb your spending. Think about how many times a week or month that you spontaneously go out for lunch or dinner. If you're taking the entire family out to dinner, those meals can really add up. Make a grocery budget, and stick to it when you go to the store. Eat meals at home, and you'll be surprised by how fast you start seeing those savings. Don't purchase personal items such as new clothing, shoes, home goods, etc., unless there is an absolute need.

Put your savings in a separate account, or a safe place. When saving for a large purchase, you'll want to put that money in a safe place, but keep it out of your bank account. With debit cards in our wallets, it's so easy to spend money when we can't actually see it. Keeping the money that you're saving for your car out of your bank account will keep you from spending it. You'll also be able to keep track of it much more easily this way, and you'll be excited once you start seeing those savings increase.

Take on more work. Are there other little jobs that you could be doing outside of your regular job? Maybe your church nursery could use another paid child care provider on Sundays and for special events? Perhaps there are certain talents you possess that could be useful for community gigs. Always check local ads to see if you could make a few extra dollars. If you know a business professional who could use an assistant, ask if they need any help. Any extra bit of income will help you reach your goal even faster.

Be realistic about your dream car. Is the car something that you're going to want to or be able to drive all the time, or will it be more for fun/hobby? Will you be able to afford to keep your every day or family car after purchasing the dream car? Consider how much it will cost to maintain the new car, how expensive gas and service will be, etc. It's a good idea to keep these things in mind when car shopping.

Focus on reaching your goal. If your dream car seems out of reach, just focus on the prize. Don't let friends and family talk you out of attaining your dream. When it seems like an impossible task, don't give up. Keep some inspirational or motivational quotes nearby, and use those to help you reach the mark. Holding the keys to your dream car in your own hand is closer that you think, and it is possible!

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