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Spice Up Your Night with Ginger Chicken #Recipe

A mom always on the run?  Healthy dinners few and far between?  This is me.  With a full-time job, traveling to and from my day totals more than 11 hours outside of my house Monday through Friday.  I detest boxed meals because I know they are unhealthy, but from time to time they are my go to.  My New Year's Resolution was to change our eating habits in my house, but not go with bland tasteless food.  To find new recipes, I have taken to Facebook, the Internet, and apps on my kindle and phone to help.  I found one for ginger chicken which is absolutely delicious and feel the need to share.

Chicken breast (2) or chicken tenders (8)- Feeds a family of 4
Ginger- ground
Garlic Salt
Olive oil

Heat the olive oil in a non-stick pan
Sprinkle garlic salt and ginger on the chicken
Once oil is heated place the chicken in the pan and cook both sides for 8 minutes each.
Recommend sides
Green beans and salad
Steamed vegetables and brown rice

This meal takes less than 20 minutes to cook and less than 5 to prepare.  It's healthy, tastes delicious, and leaves more time for this busy mom to be a mom. 

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