Feeling Creative? Shoplet and Pentel have exactly what you need! #review

My good friends at Shoplet have done it again!!  They have teamed with Pentel to bring you some awesome pens.  These fun pens will be perfect in an Easter basket.  I am going to love using these at school.  If you have never checked out Shoplet, you need to. Let me tell you a little about them and all the wonderful products they have to offer. Shoplet is your online go to place for anything you need for your business or school use.  They have it all.

  I love these awesome Pentel water color pens that I received.  I will get lots of use out them at school.  It's like writing with a paint brush but easier to control.  I also received the Aquash 
Water Brush.  This is really cool....you put water in it and it has a brush on the tip that you can use to blend your pens with.  Fun, fun!!

Shoplet always sends me the best things to check out and I am always able to use them at school.  I promise you, if you need it, they have it!

Excited to try these pens out!

This is really cool...will be fun to use!

I love how they stand in their case!  Makes it easy to use. 

Beautiful and fun to write with.

Easy screw off top.

Has water in it and ready to blend.

Nice brush on the end for blending.

Want it?  Buy it!
Head on over to Shoplet for all your office supplies, office furniture needs, office cleaning supplies and medical supplies.  You can also check out the Pentel Sign Pen Brushes.  Connect with Shoplet on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Special thanks to my wonderful friends at Shoplet for always allowing me to share the coolest office supplies with you guys!  It's always a pleasure to work with them!

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