Extend the Life of Your Batteries with Batteroo #review

Do you feel like there is always something that needs new batteries?  I sure do.  I am so excited to learn about Batteroo and try them out in my house.  This could be a game changer for us! Batteroo is a battery booster.  Batteroo is a reusable sleeve for your disposable batteries.  It will extend the life of your battery.  It seems like the battery in the Xbox controls dies every other week, so I am super excited to see how long they last with the Batteroo sleeve on them.  I am also using Batteroo on all of our TV remotes.  I received a package of AA and AAA Batteroos.  They have been on my disposable batteries for a little over a week, so I will update you on the success of them.  However, I did read some other reviews on them and I hope I have the same success that I read about.

4 pack AA Batteroo sleeves

4 pack AAA Batteroo sleeves

Some Batteroo info right on the back of the package.

They come in a nice plastic case.

The Batteroo sleeve clips right onto my disposable battery.

They fit perfectly into my TV remote. 

Keep the unused sleeves right in the case.

They work in about anything that takes batteries.

Easy to use instructions included.


Batteroo Boost works by extending the life of new batteries or reviving used batteries. The technologically advanced sleeves can help you play longer or work better by maximizing the performance of your devices. Interested in doing your part to save the environment? Batteroo boost can help you do this by consuming fewer batteries, thereby alleviating waste.

Want it?  Buy it!
Head over to the Batteroo webpage and get your house set to maximize your batteries!  You can also connect with Batteroo on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Special thanks to my friends at Batteroo for allowing me to check these out and share all about them with our readers!  

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