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Dry Cleaning at Home is a Breeze with Dryel

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Dryel. I received both product and compensation in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts and opinions.

I have a confession to make. I have a large cloth bag that hangs in my laundry room, near my washing machine. It's a bag that is specifically for dry clean only clothing. The bag is nearly filled to the top with pricey clothing pieces. It's sort of like the bag that time forgot. I get so caught up in doing my family's laundry (almost a load a day!), that I completely forget about those delicate pieces that need to be dry-cleaned. I'm already busy enough during the week, and the last thing I want to have to worry about is dropping off and picking up dry cleaning. 

For anyone who has ever neglected their dry clean only pieces (like me), I have a fabulous solution for you. What if I told you that you could save time and money by dry cleaning your clothes at home- right in your own dryer? I know what it sounds like, and trust me, I was semi-terrified to try it, myself. My husband has some very nice dress clothes, and likewise, I have some gorgeous blouses and dresses that need the TLC of a dry cleaner. Cleaning your precious dress apparel at home is doable, and doesn't have to be scary, thanks to Dryel.

Dryel offers a way to safely clean your special care items right at home. Using the Dryel starter set, you'll have everything you need for dry cleaning right in your laundry room.

A Dryel Starer Kit is all you need to get started with dry cleaning right in your own laundry room.

One box of Dryel comes with the fabric protection bag, spot cleaning spray, and cleansing cloth. To use Dryel, simply pre-treat the garments you want to clean by using the spot treatment spray that comes with the Dryel starter kit. I might use this for a tough stain or spot that wouldn't normally wash out on its own. Next, place 1-5 garments into the provided bag, and place the cloth inside. Zip the bag close, and then put into the dryer. All it takes is 15 to freshen the clothes, or 30 minutes for a deep cleaning.

Dryel cleans and freshens delicate clothes in as little as 15 minutes! It's as easy as 1-2-3, and the instructions are right on the box!

I am mom to a messy six-year-old boy, and a one-year-old girl. To say that my life is messy is an understatement. I am usually covered from head to toe in all sorts of gook (last week, I had a streak of diaper rash cream in my hair, and didn't even realize it). I reserve my nice clothing for Sundays and special occasions, but I am bound to wind up with some sort of food stain (or other type of stain) on my shirts and dresses. I love my clothes, so to see them stained or ruined is hard for me. Having the ability to properly clean my clothing in my own home, and on my own time is almost magical in a sense. I don't think there's a mom on the planet who would rather schlep all over town running dry cleaning back and forth.

This gorgeous blouse was the victim of Baby S' Sunday shenanigans, but with Dryel in my arsenal, I don't have to surrender it!

I can tell you very truthfully that Dryel actually works. I have had long-set stains (thank you, baby spit-up) that I have been able to remove from clothing, thanks to Dryel. I had two dresses that I believed were completely ruined, and now I'll be able to wear them again with no stains attached.
Dryel is my secret weapon for keeping my clothes looking as good as new, and it can be yours, too. I'll never tell!

Head on over to Dryel to learn more about the product and how it works to keep your clothes looking their very best. Connect with Dryel on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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