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This is a sponsored post. All opinions shared are my own.

Have you ever wanted to change your hairstyle without having to go to drastic lengths to make the change? When I was in high school, the pixie haircut was all the rage, and I couldn't wait to trade my long locks for a short new do. I summoned all of my courage, and brought my sister and best gal pal along for moral support, and headed to the salon with a magazine photo of the hairstyle I wanted in hand. What I wound up with was a disaster!

After that cut (I blame it on a bad hairdresser), I vowed never to cut my hair short again. I have also gone to great lengths not to color my hair in over ten years! My hair has gone through a lot of changes in the past fifteen years. I've let it grow out, have stopped using dyes in it, and I have had two babies. Pregnancy and postpartum life can really do a number on your hair. I am still waiting for my new hair to grow out after it all fell out three months after Baby S was born.

There are definitely days that I wish I had thick, full hair, and could change up the length or color without having to actually change my real hair. Thankfully, there is a way that I can do that, whenever I want with Divatress.

Divatress specializes in gorgeous wigs and hair care products. If you've never thought about wearing a wig, even just for fun, I say- why not? It's all about finding the right wig to suit your style. I always dream of playing around with a short hairstyle again, but am too afraid to get a real short cut after what happened the last time. At Divatress, I can search for just the right short wig, and can play around with different styling. There are some days I'd love to sport a really fun and carefree short hairstyle. Other days, I'd love to let the curls go wild. 

Isis Collection Yellowtail Drawstring Ponytail – HH Yaky Blunt

Even being able to thicken my poor little limp and thin ponytail would be so nice! I almost hate putting my hair up anymore, because my ponytail is so thin!

Here are a few tips for buying your first wig...

Know your face shape, and choose a wig that flatters it.
Choose a color that works well with your skin tone.
Determine whether or not the wig will need to be styled.
Select a wig that can withstand heat from styling tools without being damaged.
Make sure you understand how to care for your wig.

Once you have found the perfect wig, it's time to make that purchase and enjoy it! Have fun playing with different looks. This will include trying some different makeup looks, and trying on some different outfits. With so many beautiful and affordable wigs to choose from at Divatress, you might just want to start a fun wig collection!

What type of hairstyle have you always wanted to try? 

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