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Baby Steps #MondayMotivation

Was your weekend as jam-packed and as exhausting as mine was? Honestly, every weekend, my family says that we're going to sleep in, or that we're just going to chill out and do 'house stuff' that needs to be done... and then every weekend, we end up running around like mad! This weekend was filled to the max, and although it was busy, it wound up being a fantastic weekend for the whole family.

Here's why...

Hubby and I were in desperate need of a date night. We haven't had one since our anniversary in November. That was a long time ago, y'all! Our buddy D was going to play a show at a local brewery about 30 minutes from our house on Friday night. We decided we wanted to go at the last minute. So, my amazing parents watched the kids, and we dashed off to the brewery to eat some good food and have a few beers. The food was good, the beer was good (I had something called a Pink Kitty Hibiscus- 2 of them, in fact), and the music was awesome. We only stayed until about 9:30, and got home with the kids around 10:30. We don't stay out late like that anymore, so we were both zonked on Saturday!

'Are you here with the band?'

Saturday was nuts, but we had a great morning. Hubby made waffles and we lounged around for quite a while. Had to take a trip to the Verizon store to get a new phone acivated (other one bit the dust), and then we grabbed some lunch at McDonald's (B's choice, of course). We hit up the Dollar Tree on our way home, and then we spent the afternoon fighting two very cranky kids who staye up past their bedtimes the night before. We got invited over to my MIL's house for dinner, and again- we were out later than we intended to be.


The time change always screws everything up. I love Daylight Savings Time... the extra hours of daylight are awesome. We had another factor in our crazy Sunday, though, and that was the snow that blew into town during the wee hours of the morning. That's right- we had snow in March, in NC... just a couple of days after it being 75 degrees! This is the type of state where you wear snow boots and sandals in the same week (yeah- I did that). The snow made us late for church, and I was super tired and irritable, but the day turned out okay.

My dad with B and Baby S at church.

Sunday was awesome because we had a great morning at church. My kids were excited about the snow, and with fewer people at church, there was more room for them to move around. Baby S led my mom around in Peeler Hall, just wanting to walk. As I watched her take those baby steps, I thought- she's just starting out, and she so badly wants to walk, run, skip... but she has to take those baby steps first. She's not completely steady on her feet yet, and she knows that she's probably going to fall on her rear, but she doesn't let that stop her from trying.

Some days, I feel like a bad mom, or a bad wife- like I am letting the people who depend on me down in some way or another. I'm human, though... I have dreams and goals, even at 34. Some of them are the same dreams I had at 14 and 24! I want to run and leap into just about everything, because I am not a patient person, but watching my daughter this morning just reminded me that we all have to take those baby steps to get to where we want to be in life.

So, I finally took my son to the movies on a Sunday afternoon (to see LEGO Batman, which was oddly entertaining to me)... because he wanted a date with his mommy, and I miss sending time with just him. I got my Baby S snuggles in after we got home, and we had our own quiet time. I love having that special time with both kids, and now I am figuring out how to get it, and how important it is- for me, and for them. 

We might be busy and tired, and a million other things, too- but we can't let that get us down. We can achieve our goals, if we just slow down and take baby steps in order to get there. Are you with me?

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