A Slice of Pie! #actsofkindness

We were recently at the beach and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Hoskins. They have delicious food (look for it in my beach restaurant review coming soon) and their desserts are out of this world.  I hear about acts of kindness happening all the time, but I don't witness it often.  There was an older couple and a single lady at the table next to ours.  They were finishing up with their meal and the waitress came out and asked if they would like dessert.  It was chocolate pie.

  The couple turned it down but the lady said that was her favorite but she better pass this time.  There was a young family at the table next to them with a little girl who was probably around 12 years old.  She overheard the lady turn down her favorite pie and the little girl asked the waitress to bring the lady a piece of pie as she pulled a small change purse out of her bag.  She paid the waitress for the piece of pie for this sweet little lady that she didn't know.  The lady told the little girl that she had just made an old lady have one of the best days of her life.  She asked if she could hug the little girl.  It took her a minute to get her cane and get from her table to the little girl and when she did she gave her the biggest hug.  We were all watching with tears in our eyes at the selflessness of the little girl.  She really did make the sweet little lady's day.  I'm so glad that we were there to witness this small act of kindness that was huge to a little girl and a sweet little lady.

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