Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Hello 60s

It's Saturday, and although it is supposed to be a rainy day here in Connecticut, I am so happy  because it is also supposed to be day 3 of temperatures in the 60s! 

Today. we will be going to cousin T's birthday party! He turned 8 on Thursday and the girls are really excited to celebrate with him. Part of the excitement might just be because the party is at 
Sky Zone, but most of it comes out of love for their cousin.

These 3 have a lot of fun together!

 At some point this weekend, we also have to find time to get to work on D's science fair project. The actual experiment is finished, she just needs to get all of the information onto her board. She decided to use 3 different types of juice (orange, apple, and lemon) to see which one could clean a penny the best. She made her hypothesis, we took pictures of the before, during, and after, and she made her observations. She has been so excited to be taking part in a science fair and I cannot wait to see her project on display! 

Which penny do you think came out the cleanest? 

I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!

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