Tips for Creating a Cozy Kid’s Bedroom

Decorating a kid’s bedroom can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a huge challenge because your children grow up so quickly and their room needs to reflect them at every stage of their life. If you want to create a kid’s room that is comfy, cozy and suitable for them at any age, take a look at the following tips:

Flexible Furniture

Your little girl might love a bed that’s shaped like a princess’s castle, but will she still love it when she’s 13? Probably not. Instead of buying gimmicky furniture, choose simple, classic pieces that will be appreciated by children of any age, and always invest in good pillows and mattresses, like a harrisons mattress, to ensure your kid’s comfort.

You can always, for instance, jazz up a plain bed with a removable canopy or add character-based door handles to your kid’s drawers for a bit of fun when they’re young. These can easily be removed as your child grows.


When your child is a young toddler, you will want to give them plenty of floor space, so that they can run around, play with their toys and generally have fun. A teenager, on the other hand, will want to use their bedroom for studying, crafting, entertaining friends and storing their many clothes and gadgets, so it is important that you consider their needs when designing their bedrooms at any age.

Give them Options

You might be the adult and the house might be yours, but that doesn’t mean that your children shouldn’t play a role in designing their own bedrooms, Kids at any age can have their own ideas about their space, and it is always a good idea to let them have their say, whether it’s about the color of the walls, the theme or even just the choice of bedding. Allowing them to have some say on their private space will make them feel more grown up and ensure that they have a happy, safe space to spend some time. Kids who have more of a say in their bedroom design might even be persuaded to keep it cleaner too!

Don’t Make it About You

You might have loved clowns when you were little. But maybe your kid finds them terrifying. Don’t be tempted to make their room all about you, or all about your perceptions of how they should be. If you do, they are likely to feel stifled in the only space that is truly their own.

Use Accessories

If you want your kid’s room to grow with them, it might not be a good idea to cover the walls in images of Big Bird or Peppa Pig, but that doesn’t mean their room has to be boring. Accessories like rugs, lamps, knick-knacks and bedding can all be used to inject a bit more personality into the room and they can easily be swapped out as your child’s tastes change, keeping them happy at any age.

Avoid Trends

Children’s room trends, whether they be egg chairs or Flokati rugs might look good, but they are expensive and often impractical. It won’t be long before they are out of fashion either, so instead of trying to be trendy, stick to classic, practical pieces and you’ll be on to a winner.

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