Things I Wish I Had Known About Postpartum Life Before I Became a Mom

Do you ever sit back and re-live those first few days, weeks or months of postpartum life? You know... those precious first days with your new little bundle of joy? There are so many joys that come along with bringing a new baby into the world, but there are also a lot of things that no one seems to want to talk about when it comes to postpartum life. Today, the gals at Mommy's Block Party are getting real, and sharing their experiences about postpartum life, including the things they wish they had known about postpartum life before they became moms! We hope you enjoy our commentary, and we hope you'll share what you wish you had known about postpartum life before becoming a mom, in the comment section.

'That I would literally feel as dry as a desert those first few days and weeks after coming home with baby, unable to quench my thirst'.

'That the referred pain from gas after a C-section would be excruciating, and would stick around for days. Seriously- that pain was worse than the pain around the incision, and the only way to get rid of it is walk it out of your body.'

'That breastfeeding is amazing, but it's also hard work, and can be very isolating. Don't be afraid to breastfeed in public- you have the legal right to feed your baby anywhere you choose. Also, Fed Is Best! If you need to supplement BF'ing with formula, it's OKAY, and nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about.'

-Ondria, MBP Owner/Editor (NC)

'That I would still be a "hormonal mess" and the craziest things would make me cry, like D not taking a pacifier (I really didn't even want her to have one!). '

'Postpartum recovery with your second child is much different than with your first. I was definitely a bit more sleep deprived, but the healing process went much more smoothly.'

-Vanessa, MBP Asst. Editor, Content Manager, Sr. Contributor (CT)

'Breastfeeding my first would be the hardest thing I have ever done. Everyone makes it look so easy! In reality it was incredibly emotional and painful for months. It made my emergency c-section feel like a cakewalk. Still, after all the struggles, I exclusively breastfed her for 18 months and it was extremely rewarding, I wouldn't change a thing.'

'Don't stress over dishes in the sink or having a spotless home, enjoy the newborn cuddles while they last.'

'How common cesarean sections are, especially when being medically induced. About 1/3 of births in America are delivered by c-section. If I had known that, I may have been more prepared when my Doctor told me we needed to prepare for surgery and saved myself the panic attack.'

'How empowered I would feel after achieving an all natural, unmedicated childbirth. I had hoped to achieve this with my first but was unsuccessful. With my second, my doctors were ok with me trying but warned that was highly unlikely and had a surgeon on standby. Proving them wrong just added to how awesome it felt! I felt like Superwoman afterwards and was able to enjoy my daughter's first moments instead of being wheeled off to recovery like with my first.'

-Bianca, Contributor (VA)

'That I would want my epidural back for the first time I pooped after giving birth.' 😂 #realtalk

'That my house would be covered with my hair as well as all the dog hair from post partum hair loss...'

'That it would take so much dedication and hard work to exclusively breastfeed but it is totally worth it to watch her grow from what my body is feeding her! '

-Ashley, Contributor (TN)

'-Breastfeeding is exhausting, but so rewarding.'

'Talk to others about what you're feeling. Everyone has their struggles and talking it out is best (struggles with breastfeeding, your exhaustion, transitioning into a family, etc.).'

'Taking 10 minutes a day to shower when you have an infant is a must. You need to feel good about yourself and maintaining yourself, even if a little one may cry a bit, is necessary for your sanity.'

-Karla, Contributor (IN)

'It has been a long time since my son was a baby, but even now there are things I wish I knew.
 Everyone says the love you have for your child will be unbelievably strong, but you never know until you experience motherhood. Postpartum comes in many forms and it's normal. There is no handbook and no one way to be a parent. Follow your instincts and you will be the best mom.'

-Jessica, Contributor (CT)

'I wish I would have known that each stage is just that, a stage. The newborn stage will go as fast as it came and as sleep deprived as you are the next stage brings its own set of challenges. Don't wish the stage away, smell it, kiss it, hold it, hug it, and tuck it away as the most wonderful gift. Because tom-orrow comes and day one is over, and before you know it the first month is over. And then your daughter is 10 and your talking about friends, and when to start shaving your legs. Hey momma, embrace the stage you are in, don't wish it away.' 

-Tarren, Contributor (NC)

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