The 80s Could Be The Color You Need Right Now

As the fashions change again, we hold our breath to see what the new season is going to hold. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say that 80s are back in style. While in the past, this may have made many women groan with exasperation, we’re embracing the look with glee this year. Why? Because the 80s fashion may be controversial, but no one can deny it was colorful. And, we could all do with a little color in our lives right about now, couldn’t we? With Trump running riot and the world turning into a place few of us recognize, it’s high time we had some fun. So, here’s how you can embrace a little 80s love into your life!


Before you can make the 80s look work for you, it’s important to gain some background knowledge. If you were alive at the time, you already know what it’s all about. If not, you might need to do your research. In the decade where Harrison Ford and Madonna were in their respective heydays, the world was turning to color. The bolder, the better. Activewear was all the rage as exercise video tapes took the world by storm. Many people may think the 80s is saccharine sweet, but it wasn’t without its fashion merit. This Eugenie fashion collection should give you some idea how fantastic 80s style can look when you do it right. As with anything, it’s all about making those bold pieces work for you.


As well as bright colors, the 80s was the decade of the shoulder pads. If catwalk fashions are anything to go by, designers are working on a bigger is better approach. Some of those shoulder pads could take your eyes out! Even so, there may be something in the shoulder trend. If you’re dressing for work, a broad shoulder could look fantastic. Even if you’re out for a night on the town, you’re sure to turn a few heads if your shoulder pad game is strong. Finish the look off with a pencil skirt. That way, you’ll create a streamlined image. The drawing in of the skirt will contrast perfectly to the size of your pads. Bigger is better after all. Or, so they say!


We couldn’t mention the 80s without talking about prints. This was the decade of big, bold prints. Clashing colors and jagged edges were all the rage. While you’re shopping for your 80s wardrobe, look out for bold print dresses. Pair these with bright tights to finish the look. The more color, the better! Yellow is also big business this season, so yellow tights are sure to go down well. They’ll also fit with your 80s mantra of ‘the brighter, the better.' Finish the outfit with some plain white, or black shoes. The stark contrast will look amazing. If dresses aren’t your thing, incorporate your prints in a different way. Bold print shirts always look good, as do bold print leggings!


Once you’ve perfected your outfits, turn your attention to accessories. Remember that subtlety was an alien concept in the 80s.Think about what jackets would best compliment your outfits. In keeping with the 80s style, you could opt for puffer jackets. Or, get in touch with the activewear theme by buying a windbreaker! You want to aim for big, dangling earrings. Chunky, gold jewelry is what you need for your outfit! Then, turn your attention to womens handbags. In keeping with the theme, you could buy some rucksacks. Or, you could opt for a plain black bag, to contrast with your bold outfits! As much as it’s fun to go extreme with accessories, too, they can be a fantastic way of grounding a crazy outfit!


The perfect 80s image doesn’t stop at your outfit! Give a little thought to your makeup, too. As you could probably guess by now, more is always better. Stock up on bright eyeshadows and bold lips. Baby blue seemed to be the go-to eyeshadow color, but don’t be afraid to experiment. How about trying a multicolored shadow palette? And, the fun doesn’t stop there. You want to go mad on the blusher, too. Big cheekbones and visible blusher were all part and parcel of 80s makeup styles. Once you’ve perfected your face, go out and get yourself some lipsticks to match. Think bright reds and pinks! With your equipment ready, it’s time to have some fun!

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