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Pump On the Go with Kaylaa Bags Breast Pump Bags #Review + Breast Pump Bag #Giveaway

Breast Pump Bag I recieved from Kaylaa designs.

Last month, I returned to work part time as a nurse.  This was after spending 3 blissful (and exhausting, and amazing, and challenging, and surreal) months with my new baby girl.  I have been blessed to be able to exclusively breastfeed my sweet girl and it has been amazing to watch her grow so much from what my body provides for her! As I returned to work, I knew that we would face some new challenges on our breastfeeding journey. Being away from my daughter meant I would have to pump and provide bottles for her sitter…

I developed a healthy dose of what I like to call “pump anxiety”…
Will I be able to pump enough?

Will she consistently take a bottle?

Will my supply tank being away from her?

How will someone as unorganized as me keep up with transporting pump parts and bottles here there and everywhere?

I am happy to report that after a month of being back at work, I have been able to provide enough milk for my baby girl to be at the sitter’s 2 days a week, just pumping while at work.  If you don’t already know, there are laws protecting breastfeeding moms all over the country.  Your employer must provide enough time, and a private space (this space cannot be a bathroom) for you to pump as often as necessary for up to a year after your baby is born! It’s not necessarily paid breaks, but it is a protection afforded so you can continue to provide the best for your babe, even if you must return to work!

This was a relief to me, and thankfully my employer has been very supportive of my needing to pump!  Another thing that has helped me in this new pumping journey is this great bag that was provided to me by Kaylaa Bags. They sent me their premium breast pump bag free of charge for my honest review of the product.

I was very excited about the opportunity to work with Kaylaa Bags on this product review.  I can tell that they are really trying to help out breastfeeding moms! They have a blog on their website with tips and stories to help inspire us mommas!  They have even made this great infographic, detailing breastmilk storage guidelines!
Infographic from Kaylaa Bags
  Check out their website to view the beautiful options for their premium breast pump bag.  I was sent the Rosy weekend design for review, which was perfect since I am a big fan of all things orange here in vol country!

The Rosy Weekend Kaylaa Bag

Inside of the bag

Inside of one of the collapsible and insulated side pockets

I received the bag very quickly and was so excited to open it up.  It was packaged very carefully and the bag, as well as the detachable strap was wrapped carefully to ensure they were protected on their way to me. 

Features of the Premium Breast Pump Bag
The features are detailed on the web site and include:
·         Fit most portable breast pumps, including Medela Pump in Style, Freestyle; Spectra S1, S2; Lancinoh; Ameda Purely Yours, and many more

·         Easy to clean high-density premium nylon for high durability

·         Dual water and spill resistant, insulated pockets that can keep milks cold up to six hours with ices packs.

·         Fits your breast pump, plus every pumping necessities you will need

·         Collapsible pump pockets for even more space when needed

·         Breast Pump Bag dimensions: 15.8 x 15.8 x 7.9 inches

The bag is very high quality and beautiful with the gold zipper accents.  It easily holds everything that I need to transport to and from work.  I have never been much of a bag carrier, but with everything that I must tote back and forth these days, this bag has been a life saver!  My favorite feature is definitely the insulated pockets.  One side perfectly stores my pump and the other side can be packed with ice packs for transporting the milk that I pump!
What's in my bag?:
My Kaylaa pump bag can hold everything I need for work and pumping/storing breastmilk for my little one!

My Medela Pump InStyle fits perfectly in one of the side pockets

The other side pocket holds my bottles and keeps them cold with the ice packs

even with everything I take to and from work, I still have room for more!

My Kaylaa bag all packed up for work!

All ready for work!

The other beautiful design on their site is a classic black and white pump bag called “Luxury Stripe”.
Luxury Stripe Premium Pump Bag

These beautiful bags are definitely a way to “Pump in Style” if you must return to work after having a baby!  They are high quality, with classic style options, and are definitely big enough to transport anything and everything you might need!  You could even use this bag as your diaper bag when you are with baby! I would say that this bag would be extremely useful for all moms, whether you are a working mom, exclusively pumping mom, or any kind of mom on the go (which, I don’t know of any mom’s that aren’t on the go!)! 

Want it? Get it!

These bags are currently on sale for $119.95-$129.95, which is a great price for such a high quality bag! Head to Kaylaa Bags to learn more or to shop for a bag.

Want it? Win it!

One lucky MBP reader will win their own Kaylaa Breast Pump Bag! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win. Mommy's Block Party is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please see our policies page for details.

Special thanks to Kaylaa Bags for allowing me to share about their gorgeous Breast Pump Bags, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!



  1. Love that bag and your blog! Didn't know you had a blog until tonight - it's great!

    1. I've just been writing for Mommy's Block Party for a couple months! It's a blast so far!

  2. I was given a pump, but it didn't include a bag so it would be super helpful for me to have something to transfer the pump and all the other accessories in it.

    1. I got my pump for free through insurance! So even if I hadn't received this bag for free, I could have justified the price! It's so useful and great quality! I'm looking forward to using it when we go on vacation in a couple of months!

  3. Great post! This would be a great thing for the day I go to the office and for traveling to my parents across time.

    1. It really has been a life saver for work! And I'm looking forward to using it when we travel in a couple of months!

  4. Ive never had one so Im not sure what I like but this style looks really nice

    1. I honestly didn't even know "breast pump bags" exsisted before I had my baby! But this one is so functional! It could even be used as a diaper bag if you weren't pumping!

  5. I love them both, but I think I'm leaning towards the Rosy Weekend bag.

  6. I work in a school setting, so something that doesn't scream "breast pump" would be helpful. Lol.

  7. Id love to give this to a friend that has a very active lifestyle. this would help her be able to pump and travel more.

  8. I like the luxury stripe bag the most.

  9. a pump bag would make it so much easier for any woman to carry her pump as she travels. this is a busy mom must have! even i as a stay at home mom wouldve loved this just bc its so pretty and any way to feel better about having to pump is a plus. I like that it keeps things organized.

  10. I really like the Luxury Stripe style - KAYLAA PREMIUM BREAST PUMP BAG!


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