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Do you have a little crawler at home? I do, and boy is she on the move! As soon as Baby S figured out how to roll herself across the room to get to the things she wanted, I knew it wouldn't be long before crawling came to light. S is now 10 months old, and she is a crawling pro! She crawls with lightening speed, and I spend most of the day trying to keep up with her. We have old hardwood floors throughout our home, and tile in the bathroom and the kitchen. I can hardly stand to be on my knees on the floors in our house because they're so hard and so darn cold. I want S to crawl around without hurting her knees or becoming too chilly, so I have been on the hunt for a solution.

When I found Lil' Tights by Skights, I was curious as to what they were, and how they worked to protect little legs/knees. I did a little digging, and found the Skights story. I was delighted to connect with Skights Owner, Julie. Julie is an awesome mom and CEO! She is a super mom in my book, and I was excited for the opportunity to try Skights out with Baby S.

Julie, Owner/CEO of Skights

With two of my own, I have first hand experience on how active little boys can be! It would drive me crazy when my little one's pant legs would ride up exposing their skin to the elements. And of course, mothers of boys know just how hard it is find products for our little men that are cute and can actually be worn without too much fuss. That is what led me to create Lil' tights by Skights — to keep 'em warm in cold weather, protect crawling knees and allow easy access when changing diapers and potty training (something you can't do with ordinary tights). Now your little boys and girls can play, crawl and do it all.  Peace and Blessings — Julie

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I received two pairs of Skights for Baby S, in purple and pink.

I love Julie's story, and am so excited to share Skights with you guys. I enjoyed reading through the literature she sent to me, and was excited to put the Skights on Baby S, and see how she liked them. I noticed how thick and durable the Skights were as soon as I picked them up. We have a lot of baby tights for S, and they are always likely to become pilled or wind up with snags in them... not to mention, they are always sagging.

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The beauty of Skights- they fit right over the little one's legs, and they stay put.

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They bottoms feature grippy print, which is awesome! Extra protection at the knee if perfect for little crawlers.

I love the Skights design- it's simple, yet smart. If you have had babies, or you have a baby currently, you know what a pain it can be to wrestle with them when trying to put their pants back on after a diaper change or potty break. I am a work at home mom, and some point during the day, I just give up on the pants and wind up leaving them off. It takes me ten minutes to get them on S! With the Skights just in her top dresser drawer, I can grab those, pull them on over her legs, and she's nice and warm while she crawls around on the cool floors of our home.

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The pink Skights are so cute! They look great with S' little bodysuits!

The Skights can be worn by boys and girls, and they come in lots of different colors and sizes. I like having them on hand at home, and always leave them out if we have a grandparent over, watching the kids. It's much easier for them to pull the Skights over her legs than it is to try to get her little pants back on. Since we have two pairs, I keep one pair in the diaper bag. They're an awesome thing to have in case of a blowout (hey- it happens!), or in case it gets really cold outside. These are perfect to put on under your baby's pants or skirts. Those little pants always ride up, and there's always a gap between little baby socks and the pant leg. With Skights on underneath, baby's legs are always warm!

The Skights keep S' legs warm, and they protect her legs from the hard floor.

I have been impressed by the Skights we received. For the most part, they stay in place, and S leaves them alone. S does have chunky legs, so every now and then, the Skights roll down a bit, but we fix them right up, and she goes along playing. If your little one has chunky legs, you might want to size up. S is wearing a size Small, which fits 6/18 mo.

I wish that I'd had a product like this when my son was a baby. He was so hard on his knees (still is), and I always wished that I had something to pad them with. Skights are the perfect solution! They keep baby's knees protected, and keep baby's legs warm. They stay in place, and do their job. I have washed the Skights in cold water, with like colors, and have hung them to dry with the rest of S' socks, and they have kept their shape very well.

Take a look at these other cute colors from Skights...





I definitely recommend checking out Skights, or trying them with your littles! They are worth the price, and they're very durable. I promise that you'll get a lot of use out of them. Buy one color or stock up on a bunch so you can coordinate with you child's outfits! Skights make great gifts for Valentine's Day, Easter, birthdays, etc!

Want them? Get them!

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Special thanks to Julie of Skights for allowing me to share about her wonderful product, and for offering this awesome giveaway for our readers!

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